Dragon Scale Armour Progress: Part 6

These school holidays I have been working on my Dragon Scale Armour cosplay as much as I can because the convention I will be wearing it to is in just over two weeks!!
So here’s most of the progress I have made since my last post with only one day left of my holidays.

Boot Covers/Armour
I patterned the boot covers and decided to use thinner foam rather than the 6mm foam I used for the breastplate because I wanted it to be lightweight and not huge/bulky. So I decided on doubling up the thin foam. At the moment its unpainted at the moment but I like it so far.
fgASrkWp LIqaS4F6

I’m thinking about using wire to shape them because I don’t really want to use the heat gun on foam this thin. I will have elastic keeping to my boot, hopefully I will do this better than the awful boot cover I made for my Nightingale cosplay last year.

Shoulder Armour
I have finished one side of the shoulder armour.. And I’m really pleased with it! 6mm foam as a base and the thin foam as a topper. The horns are made from tinfoil as a base and then DAS clay over top of that to smooth it out, I left them for 24 hours and then sanded them which game them a really neat texture that looked sort of like bone.
p4OqAmPn jFxuwYLm zBvsy-pt

Gorget/Neck Armour
Same process as the shoulder armour. I changed the look slightly deciding to just have a flat collar because I don’t have time to make it like the one in-game, Annnd the shoulder armour comes up too far and it would collide with the collar if it wasn’t flat.
5K6nuEHF RlVPSml-

Another thing I still have to paint. Below is a photo of the shoulder armour and the gorget showing how they overlap.

Main belt
This belt was made to hold the hip,thigh and basically all other armour apart from the breastplate to my body. Made from Faux leather, Velcro and a large safety buckle. Now the first one I made was two small which mean that it didn’t sit on my hips, so when the armour was on the belt it skirted outwards rather than being vertical which was the look I wanted to achieve.
LDqL071_ BYjOxWqt

So that’s essentially the belt, the safety buckle is at the back because I can cover it there. I extended the belt so it would sit on my hips and all was well. Below is what it looks like with the armour on the belt.
RlVPSml- 2VpZ7rNK
It doesn’t actually fit on the dress form as it’s too wide so I just pined it to the dress form at the back so it would stay up. Velcro is a wonderful thing.

Next I decided to glue a piece of armour on that I should have done months ago.
-vqygzeS 6RCU8dGw

This took less than five minutes to do and I still can’t understand what I didn’t do it earlier.
So my armour is now even more wearable!
_crnElB_ UCwTFB7d xyGt85JJ RMd-rQXm

So happy with how it’s looking now that the armour is no long-held together by string. I just have one more belt to make and attack some more Velcro and then the armour is finished!!

I recently got onto the ‘Cosplay Amino’ app, its amazing! Although some users don’t post cosplay related content its easy to look past and enjoy seeing the content that other cosplayers produce on the app. I have been featured on the app a few times now for both my Dragon Scale Armour and Dark Brotherhood cosplay. But yesterday my tutorial for using the Pepakura program got featured with over 160 likes on it!! Which made me so happy and got me thinking about posting tutorials on here. Of course I already post pictures and work logs of all my costumes but i think making short tutorials on the side could be fun.

And that’s all I have to post today

Thank you for reading

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