Dragon Scale Armour cosplay, Skyrim: Part 1

This post is well over due as I have been working of this cosplay for a few months now.

I decided to be rather ambitions with my first “Armour” cosplay by making the Dragon Scale Armour from one of my favorite games, Skyrim. The image below is a screenshot from the game showing the Armour itself. Its a pretty complex design but I still decided it was something I wanted to do.

Front view of the Armour.

Front view of the Armour.

I patterned the costume using my dressform, plastic wrap (which I wrapped around the dressform in the areas I wanted to pattern) and painters tape (which covered the plastic wrap and acted like paper for me to draw the pattern out) After I patterned everything out, I then made splits down the sides of the ‘breastplate’. This was so once I cut it out of the foam I will be able to add D-rings to it on either side and then use Velcro to attach the two rings together with the bonus of being able to adjust the size of the bust by moving the Velcro (At least that’s my idea). I finished by cutting my patterns out, this is the finished set.

Full front Full back

I then pinned (YES, I found pining the patterns to the foam by pushing the pins straight down into the foam /not like what you would do with fabric\ worked really well to keep the foam in place when I cut the patterns out) the patterns I had made to the foam. *NOTE I am using floor mat foam which is approximate 1 cm thick*  Once I pinned the patterns I cut them out, I used scissors when doing this but I would recommend using a craft knife for a cleaner more accurate cut. My craft knife had gone missing so I made do with what I could

Foam Front Foam Side Foam Back

Once all the pattern pieces were cut out I molded them into shape using a heat gun (As seen above the patterns are molded into my shape). The most effective way of doing this I found was by heating BOTH sides of the foam, this is important as just heating one side (In my limited experience) can leave patches cold or not warm enough to fully mold properly. Its important to get a good coverage or it WILL NOT SHAPE WELL. The breastplate is a fine example of this, It was the first thing I had ever shaped with a heat gun and I didn’t quite mold right so its a little wider than my figure. I’m not too bothered by this because I am going to be fixing it to the back plate (That can’t be the right word…) and having the Velcro actually pull it into my shape. Did I mention this is the first time I have ever done this?!?! I’m fine with making mistakes, I can only improve after making them.

So! After shaping everything I glued it together. I made sure to reference the original patterns when doing this so that everything would stay even. This was important because the greaves (I believe that’s the right word but its pretty much the thigh Armour, the lowest part of the Armour on the dressform)  were symmetrical ..For obvious reason needed to be the same length/shape. When everything was glued together *NOTE I used hot glue and it seams to be working well so far* I then went over the ‘seams’ on the inside of the Armour with another line of glue to give a little more support to everything. That part can probably be skipped but I did it just for reassurance.

After all of that was done I started on the raised details, which are the metal pieces of the Armour that appear on the edges of the Armour. I wanted to raise these because I thought it would look more realistic and would be better than paint. I’m also a terrible painter so if there is something I can do to make this costume look more realistic that hasn’t got something to do with paint I’m game~ I made the raised detail by patterning the shape I wanted using painters tape and then transferring that to a much thinner foam, about 2mm I think. Its the same stuff you get in A4 sheets at craft stores. So far I have completed the breastplate.

Front and back of the breastplate

Front and back of the breastplate

And that is all I have done to date. I’m back at school now and have my prelim exams in 4 weeks as well as the stress of next years subject selection. That is probably going to slow down my progress but I definitely think this will be complete before Auckland Armageddon Expo (The only convention I could attend this year) which I will be attending and hopefully entering this cosplay into the yearly competition there.

I’m hoping for my next update to contain pictures of the cosplay on myself rather than hanging on the dressform and by that I mean pierced to it with a billion pins. And perhaps the paint job would have started by then. I’m thinking about posting prop progress photos and write ups to this blog as well but just make another page to keep that separate from my costumes.

Anyway I hope this write up was helpful or just enjoyable to read. I will be keeping this blog updated with all my costuming related posts. Stay tuned for part two.



New(ish) Work space 

I’m a terrible example of someone who can make a lot of mess when sewing or doing crafts, and then take days (possibly weeks, but let’s not mention that) to clear that mess up.

But today for some reason I decided  to clear up my workspace, and it now looks great! I also found my craft knife which I missplaced a while ago and was about to buy a new one tomorrow. So the timing of that was also great.

  Ignore the terrible way I have decided to hang up those blue robes. And my currently on the go costume is on the dress form looking pretty. Updates for that coming later.

Welcome to my blog!

This blog is going to be dedicated to my love of costume making and the creating of my own designs. Making costumes is a passion of mine and is something I would love to pursue as a career. Currently I’m planing on moving to England at the end of 2016 so I can further my education and such over there where there are far more courses I’m interested in. The courses offered there are at a higher standard of education to what I could get here in New Zealand.

I hope to keep this blog regularly updated with progress on my current costumes (and future ones too) and probably a lot of advice as I stumble through making costumes. I also want to make some tutorials of the costumes I’m making because I think the best way of learning is through sharing techniques.

Welcome to my blog~