About Me

My name is Nicola Gilbert (though I prefer to be called Nivera), I’m 18 years old and want to pursue a career in costume making for film and theater. I’ve always had an interest in the film making industry and from a young age wanted to see my name when the credits role. During my early teens I became very interested in cosplay and after buying a costume online which was surprisingly bad quality I decided from then on out I would make my costumes for myself. As I got older my designs and aspirations grew and my interest in costume making as a career really took off. I hadn’t even considered costume making as a career path until a found the costume blog written by Angela Clayton that I really realized that it was a valid career path goal. Since then I have been building up my portfolio by making a range of costumes with many different materials. Apart from the education I have received at school within my textiles course I am self taught in most costume construction methods. More recently I have worked with thermoplastics such as worbla and EVA foam. I want to focus on historical costume construction but also want to keep my passion for cosplay going and try to balance the two.

Please refer to the categories on my main home page to go to specific costumes.

This blog/website has been created so I can document my projects and show my costumes off all at the same time. I also blog about my day to day life occasionally and those posts can be found in the “Nivera out and about” category.

I hope you enjoy my blog, I would love to hear feed back so please don’t hesitate to do so!


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