Finished Dragon Scale Armour

The armour part of this cosplay is officially finished! and everything is attached to the various belts with Velcro and the larger safety buckle at the back of the main belt. There is one more armour piece which fits onto the back of the belt and covers the safety buckle which hasn’t been attached with Velcro yet. It’s not major piece and will be attached this weekend.
I only have a week left to make this as the convention is in a week today and I’m a little stressed. I only have painting and elastic to attach now so I think I have enough time.
Finished Armour with battle dress (Dark lighting)

qaFceH7y KyXjWJfn _xkq34mm

Finished Armour with battle dress (Natural lighting)

cswIkAQ- IC-31G2j

The natural lighting makes the dress a lot more vivid in color and brings the original ‘sheen’ from the fabric, which I think is quite neat. The dress has also been shortened in this picture (it was much longer before and looked awful, this can be seen in earlier photos on the dress form) I’m very happy with the new length.

Really happy with the result and am going to be trying to get the whole thing finished this weekend and then just work on my Dark Brotherhood Armour during the week. Just shaping, painting and adding Velcro and elastic to different parts of the costume to go.
Fingers crossed I can get it all done this weekend.

I’ve also got the schedule for the cosplay competition. I’m entered in the open category (as seen below) and have some awesome looking competition. Really excited for my first competition I just wish I had my friends to support me while I am there.

First time seeing my name labeled outside of my official pages and I just about squealed with delight!!

Thank you for reading this very short update

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