Final Dragon Scale Armour Photos

Costume Status: COMPLETE
Below are links to each individual post in order. 
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Final Work In Progress PhotosCosplay Competition OverviewFinal Photos (2015 Photo shoot)

Its been almost a month since I lasted posted here and I can honestly blame that on my laptop which deiced Google Chrome was suddenly inferior and just crashed every time I opened it…

But I’m back!! and will have a post each day up until Christmas.

Here are the final photos of my Dragon Scale Armour as it has been retried and put into storage now.
All designs are based off those from The Elder Scrolls Skyrim.


These are my favorite images from the photo shoot and my favorite photos over all. All other photos can be found in earlier posts (hopefully).

Onto the next project!

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