Birthday/ Shopping Haul

Today is my birthday and as usual I went to Spotlight in Nelson to spend all of my birthday money on fabrics and craft supplies for upcoming projects. I didn’t plan out what I needed that well and ended up throwing together a list the night before as well as deciding to make a new costume and buy the fabrics for that. Which meant the awful job of working out how much fabric I needed for that.
Hopefully my working out was correct. Below is what I bought!

Lucina, Fire Emblem Awakening
This was the costume I decided to buy for the night before. It was between her and another character from the series Cordelia (who I mentioned in an earlier post)
fire_emblem_awakening___lucina___wip_by_vertexwolf-d6rjqb7 35d9023ffeaa6bcbd4d9b4cde01e7a80.image.400x500

I love her design, the Fire Emblem makers are amazing at designing characters. I think I will make the sword but we’ll just see how that goes.
I bought: Five meters of blue 2-way stretch fabric. Sports Active Pioue Knit Navy is the name I was given. This is for the tunic, cape, sock things and the scarf that comes off the cape (There is a proper name but I can’t find it) Half a meter of white Top Pop Poplin This is for the top of the socks and her gloves. It’s quite thin so I will probably end up doubling it. I bought another three meters of this before leaving to use to draft patterns on my dress form using the draping technique. The fabric was super cheep and only cost me $1 per meter with my VIP card.  I also bought two and a half meters of Broadcloth in the color ruby for the inside lining of the cape. I bought another meter of Broadcloth in the color teastain for the belts, I was going to buy a meter and a half but when the lady at the counter laid out a mater I decided that would be enough. Lets hope that doesn’t backfire on me.
Bias Tape 
Ten meters of 12mm gold/yellow bias tape. This is for the lining of the tunic. Three meters of 25mm dark brown bias tape. This is for the outside of the belt. I decided to make a fabric belt rather than faux leather belt because I’m sick of faux leather at the moment!!
3vNEtTfF qxG6a5Yo

While in spotlight I found the most perfect fabric for the Angelic pretty Misty Skies dress I want to make. But I spotted it from a far… Upon closer inspection I found that the fabric didn’t have the cloud pattern I thought it had but it was tie dyed In The Perfect Colors For The Dress !!! I didn’t take a picture of the fabric but I found this on google and its pretty similar so you can see why I was so excited.

I decided that its going to be easier to find the fabric I want (or the closest to it I can get) online. I have found a few stores that sell something similar so I’ll just have to compare them all until I officially buy however many meters I need.

My birthday itself was great too by the way! Despite being 17 I feel no different to how I felt yesterday. I’m really happy with the progress I’m making on my costumes and really need to get around to making a proper portfolio but this works for now.

Thank you for reading

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