Fabric/Craft Haul

This weekend I went to spotlight in Nelson to buy fabrics for my upcoming costume and craft supplies to help me make it. Needless to say I was very excited.


I bought 2 meters of black Spandex “Dance wear” fabric and 1.5 meters of a dark red Cotton (Blend of something) which is stretchy. This material is for my Dark Brotherhood cosplay from the game… You guessed it The Elder Scrolls Skyrim (I will stop making cosplays from this series eventually I promise) The armour looks like this~

Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Armor

Its another one of my favorite sets and I just had to make it for this upcoming convention. I decided that soft fabrics would be better than using faux leather despite someone (You know who you are) trying to convince me to use just that, because it would be a lot more comfortable to wear and I would have a lot more movement.  More updates on this cosplay later. I currently don’t have a sewing machine so its delayed until I fix that problem.

The next item(s) I got was paint! Spotlight had a sale on a lot of the paint so I got them all for a really good price.


These paints are for my Dragon Scale Armour cosplay and are all acrylic. The colors are, green, grey, light grey, black, silver(mat) white and egg shell white. They probably have fancier names than that but that’s what the colors are generally. I also have Mod Podge in mat. This is to coat the paint when its all finished to seal it.

And finally I got a polystyrene head! This is to make the helmet for my cosplay, rather than trying to pattern it out on myself which would be quite difficult. This I didn’t get a great deal on. It was sold for about $20, but I found them online for around $2. Maybe they put the zero on accidentally? I don’t know what the shipping was like for the ones I found online but sill I was annoyed with how much I paid for it.


I also got a great selection of sponge brushes. I will use these to put a base coat of paint on the foam and then use paint brushes to put details on. Or that’s the plan any way. We’ll see how that goes when it comes to me actually painting the foam. I’m hoping for that to be next weekend, I keep finding things I’ve forgotten to do and am doing those instead of moving on with the armour.

I guess that’s update with whats going on at the moment and I promise to have another post up next weekend on my Dragon Scale cosplay. Maybe I will have a sewing machine by then!

Thank you all for reading


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