Dragon Scale Armour Progress: Part 3

Last Friday marked the start of prelim exams which gave me a lovely week-long break in between my 3 exams. So being the best student taking her level 2’s she can possibly be I decided to work on my Dragon Scale Armour cosplay!


As I’m sure you can tell by the state of the table I work on I have gotten quite a lot of work done.

After making all of the piece’s to the main armour set of my cosplay I coated everything in two layers of wood glue to seal the foam and prevent cracking when paint is applied. I then spray painted everything MAT Black because it will be easier to apply the paint to a block colour. This was really fun to do!

cAzVAg9u N_BW5DuL

It only took an hour for the paint to dry which meant I could start painting the base colors. I tried mixing the paint to get to the closest color but failed miserably because I didn’t have a creme or light brown paint so I ended up just making it a light grey in color for the first coat. I don’t mind as I’m going to be going over that layer another 2 or 3 times to get the right color.


This was the result after the first layer of paint without any paint on the ‘metal details’ which are seen here in black which is still the spray paint.

I then took a break from painting and decided to start on the gauntlets which I had made a pattern for but lost somewhere when having a clean up (Oops). So the whole thing was made in about 4 hours from scratch. There are 4 parts to each gauntlet and they are layered on top of each other. Each part was made of two layers of foam glued together with a third layer which was the ‘metal detail’ I always talk about (this makes it raised and more realistic).


Here is what the gauntlet looked like unpainted. After making both gauntlets I went onto making the shoulder armour. I patterned the shape out on my dressform which I then cut out of think (1cm) foam and the molded it into the shape of my shoulder so it would sit with some realistic shape. I then made the spikes that sit on it from tinfoil and DAS clay. I shaped tinfoil into the spike sizes I wanted and then covered them with the clay. When they dried I used sandpaper to smooth them out. I’m not going to go into full detail about how I made the shoulder piece because I honestly just threw it together and I haven’t made the second one yet and have no idea how that will turn out.


The shoulder piece is seen on the right and is for my right shoulder, there are still spikes that I need to glue on but I’ve given up on it for now. On the left is on of the gauntlets that have been spray painted black.

I have also done some more painting this evening on the breast-plate and I think I have got the right color for the raised metal detail. I just need to get the main breastplate color right and then I can make it wearable which is something I have been looking forward to for months.


And that’s all to report ! I’m defiantly making it my aim to have breast-plate wearable this weekend. Other than that I only have the gorget and boot covers to start making now, plus paint them and I should be all finished.

Hopefully I can start making my Dark Brotherhood cosplay as soon as this is finished because I desperately want to wear that to the con too. I’ll be updating on that later.

I hope this was enjoyable to read and I am open to any questions about my costumes.

Thank you for reading


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