Dragon Scale Armour Progress: Part 2

I mentioned in my last post about how I was making the raised details with the thinner foam, well I have finally finished that and am about to move on to putting a resin onto the foam to seal it which will help to stop the paint from cracking. I will be using wood glue to resin it.

Here is the finished product of the raised detail over top of the original foam.

Front layerd Side layered Back layered

I’m really proud of how this is turning out its looking more and more similar every time I add to it. There is a piece missing in these pictures, below the breastplate there is another “V” of foam which I had to re-make because it was terribly uneven (apparently I forgot what a ruler was). I have since re made the piece and it fits perfectly.

My to do list for this cosplay is as follows.

  • Seal the foam with wood glue (2-3 layers)
  • Paint EVERYTHING which will take such a long time with my terrible painting skills
  • Then add the D-rings to the breastplate and everywhere else they need to go, this is so the costume will finally be wearable
  • Make the shoulder armour, boot covers, gauntlets and helmet

That’s the current list aside from the props I will be also making for this cosplay, I’m feeling pretty good about getting it all done before the end of October.

I am also making a battle dress (Yeah because under-dress doesn’t sound as cool as BATTLE DRESS) to go underneath all of the armour this is the sample swatch of the fabric. I will be dyeing this green somehow so it does suit the in game look.

Scale fabric

This is the ‘Anaconda Snake Print Spandex’ in 02-Silver from NY Fashion Center. I will be making a separate post about how I make the dress because I’m currently making it for in my fashion textiles class at school. So I’m getting credits for it Yay!

I think that sums up everything that has been done since the last post but I am heading to Spotlight (Fabric/craft store in NZ) next weekend so I really want to make a post about everything I buy there, kind of like a fabric haul post. I’m also debating making YouTube tutorials of my costumes but we’ll see how that goes.

Thank you all for reading


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