Costume/Cosplay Plans for 2017 Updated

Since I accidentally deleted my last post about my costume/cosplay plans from earlier in the year I decided to make a new one. A few things have changed but have mostly kept the same.

Ana Amari (Overwatch Hero) 

This is Ana’s Classic Skin and has to be my favorite of all of them. I love the style and colors and it would be reasonably comfortable to wear. This costume will be my priority as I have waited so damn long to make her since her release.
Ana’s weapon is the Biotic Rifle which I plan to make with the cosplay.

Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)

I think I could make this cosplay pretty quickly so its coming second to Ana. I plan to wear this cosplay and duo with my friend Jamilla! To what will be my first convention in the UK. I’m really excited for this and excited to meet Jamilla!!


Ancient One (MCU Doctor Strange)

Okay so I saw this film a few days ago and loved it! It was visually stunning and all of the acting was great. I’ve been a MCU fan since The Avengers (2012). And have wanted to make SOMETHING from the cinematic universe for a long while. And the yellow robes worn by Tilda Swinton’s character the Ancient One really inspired me! I do like the other robes worn by her in the film but I think the yellow ones are just so striking and I love that!
I’m still not sure if I will make this costume, I feel like I should be focusing on more historical costumes. However, I will have a lot of time before I begin University. Another annoying thing at the moment is that there isn’t many images of her yellow costume but this is likely down to the film having just been released.

Nightingale Armour (The Elder Scrolls Skyrim) 

Yes I have already made this cosplay but I feel like my skill has improved so much I really want to remake it. I’m still not decided on what materials I would like to use it’s between faux leather (Which was what I used previously) or 2mm EVA Foam.

I’m more leaning towards the 2mm foam option because I would like to complete another foam based armour set before I move onto worbla builds again (this is excluding Ana). I really love Piece Of Cake Cosplay’s  set. Their set is made from eva foam covered in faux leather. Which is something else I would like to look into.
I really would like to do one ‘last’ Skyrim cosplay before The Elder Scrolls 6 (Which won’t be for years Ha.ha) so I think it would be awesome to re-make my first Skyrim cosplay but better! Hopefully!  Jamilla and I have also thrown around ideas of doing a Skyrim duo at some point next year so this would be my cosplay of choice.

Tribunal Robes (Skyrim mod by Zairaam and Natterforme)

This wouldn’t be a costume plan/list/possibilities post without the ridiculously impossible idea now would it? But hey at the beginning of the year I thought my dress ensemble would be impossible but I pulled through, somehow.
Recently I’ve been looking into fabric manipulation and creating unique silhouettes with fabric and remember this really beautiful design from  Skyrim mod I downloaded a year or so ago.
Its just so gorgeous!!! Probably won’t ever happen but I can dream! And I would defiantly go with this colourway…

19th Century Ball gown

I really should make a historical costume next year. I’m currently taken by the beauty of 19th century ball gowns they’re just gorgeous! I would like to make an original historical recreation but for now I’m taking inspiration from these beautiful blue ones.
And below is a painting of Princess Albert De Broglie.
I think from memory one of Janet Arnold’s books has a similar shape and style to these dresses so I’m hoping to use that are reference, if not I’ll wing it with many mockups!

It’s been around two months since I last worked on a costume and I am so bored with living in an empty house with nothing to do. As soon as we have moved into our new house I’ll be playing with my new sewing machine and ordering fabrics for Ana and Pluto.
With only 18 days left in New Zealand things are really beginning to sink in. We’ve started saying final goodbyes to our friends and I know I’ll be a mess at our local airport.
So here’s to my next 18 days of Kiwi life~

Thank you for reading


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