I graduated!

I haven’t been posting rectally because I’ve been so busy with finishing the school year.
Academic Prize giving was held on the second of November and was compulsory for all of Year 13 to attend as well as younger year level prize winners.

I was very pleased to get the prize for first in subject for Fashion and Textiles at Year 13 level.
The other prize I got was a scholarship! Which was really unexpected as I wasn’t aware the scholarship existed! Although this is probably because my school only started running this scholarship prize this year.
Which makes me the first ever recipient of “The Marlborough Quilters’ Scholarship for Excellence in Textiles”
i_jylyrqLuckily its a monetary scholarship ($500) and isn’t tied to any Universities which means I am eligible to keep the money even though I’m leaving the country in just over 3 weeks.
I makes me so happy that my school has started this scholarship supporting top achieving textile students, there was previously no awards for textiles students.
I also got my MGC leavers hoodie which is the most comfortable hoodie I have ever owned.
Later in the week was our graduation ceremony. Its tradition for the two colleges (Marlborough Girl’s and Boy’s) to release balloons together in town central. It was a really moving ceremony and I must admit I cried. It’s just such a strange feeling that I’m saying goodbye to everything in a matter of weeks, it’s surreal.
And that was it. High school life was over for me. I only have two exams one of which is the day we leave my home town.
In other news I had an interview with Toi Whakaari (New Zealand’s Nation Drama School). I was really just pleased to get through to the interview stage, I think that’s an accomplishment in itself. I hadn’t realized I was expected to bring a costume along with me I took ‘examples of work’ as bring your portfolio, I was wrong. But none the less they were very impressed with my and the skill I applied. However, I wasn’t accepted into the course. I was told that I do have a lot of skill but they would like for me to get more experience and should re-apply next year. HA HA.
It was a fun experience and I now have interview knowledge which will set me up for UK Universities.

And that’s it for this post. As of today I have 26 days left in New Zealand. I won’t have many costume related posts up until we have moved into our new home in the UK which is around the 12th I think. I will be moving into making costumes as soon as we arrive and will also have a review on my new sewing machine!! I’ll talk more about new costume for new year in the coming week which I’m very excited for. I’ll do more costume costume break downs and set up categories for those new costumes too.

Thank you all for reading.

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