Costume Schedule Update June 2016

Short update today!
A few things have changed in my costume ‘To Make’ list for the year. Larger projects have been replaced/postponed  with smaller ones. So what’s now happening and what has changed?

The updated list 

Demongaze (WOW Deathknight) 
Both the front and back
Still happening and is still a work in progress. This will be my Armageddon Auckland 2016 Cosplay Cup entry so I want to get it perfect for the event.

Ophelia (Dress based off the painting by the same name by Georges-Jules-Victor Clairin)
Again still a work in progress, this was the project that would have work put into it and then put away because something more important came up. I actually worked on this all weekend and made some great progress on it and should have a complete mock up soon. There isn’t a due date for this but the sooner the better or other project will take over.

Young Girl’s Loose Gown (Patterns Of Fashion Book 3) 
Clear picture
And now for the projects I haven’t started yet! This gown is needed for completion of my full Elizabethan costume. Ideally this needs to be finished by the 16th of September which is two weeks before the Toi Whakaari Costume course submissions close.
I am also making the dress worn underneath the gown seen in the picture at school as apart of my scholarship submission.

Sylvanas Windrunner (WOW)

This lovely lady got onto my list a few moths ago when I fell in love with her character. I think I’ll wear her for one day at Auckland Armageddon 2016 in October IF I have time to make her. But damn I need to work out if I want to strut about with confidence wearing this cosplay!

Sailor Pluto

So recently I’ve been binge watching Sailor Moon/Crystal(Until my internet crappd out and I can no longer stream videos, RIP Game Of Thrones and all the anime I used to watch). Annnnd Sailor Pluto stole my heart and I would love to cosplay her! I would love to wear this to Armageddon Auckland but I might not be able to as all of my cosplay days are taken should everything else come along on time! However, one of my lovely Twitter friends and I are planing a meet up when I move to England next year and she wants to make a Sailor Mars cosplay so we may end up meeting as Sailor Scouts which would be awesome!

What’s no longer happening

Sansa Stark
option 2

Honestly I’ve lost motivation to make her beautiful garden dress from season 3. And because the fabric is so lovely I don’t want to attempt it when I’m not motivated to make it in case I ruin it. So for now I’m going to keep the fabric and possibly make her later or make something entirely different from the fabric, who knows!

Trash For Fashion Show
This was just a project I considered doing if I had time and I certainly do not have the time for it any more. So it’s no longer happening. Not that I made any major progress anyway.

I hope this clears up what’s happening from now on and what to expect in the coming year. I am really looking forward to completing costumes in the next few months. That is if my mother doesn’t kill me for buying more fabric for more costumes when there are incomplete ones laying about…

And that’s it for this post, thank your for reading and I’ll have a new costume progress update next weekend.


Demongaze Armour Part 5

No update or any blog posts last week and I’m so sorry!

I hit a wall with Demongaze when trying to pattern the under armour (Its just another layer under the breastplate to cover what its not already covering). This of course made me really frustrated because I had being doing so well without mistakes and so I gave up for the rest of the weekend.
Which brings us to this weekend.

This weekend I wanted to make the breastplate wearable as it would (surprisingly) help when making the under armour to get the shape/size right. I decided first of all that two clips on either shoulder was a good number which meant sewing four clips in total. To make the most of the tape I hand sewed it together so that I wouldn’t have much excess. I then left about two inches of tape the other side of the clip. To stop the tape from fraying I whip stitched the frayed edges down on the loop side and then burnt the edges on the ‘tail’ side.
Alternatively If I had thought this through I would have burnt both edges and then sewn the loop side down but The Bright Unforgiving Nivera who enjoys making things hard for herself decided to to it that way.

I then pinned them to my dress form making sure to get the placement right.

Shoulder view 1Shoulder view 2Shoulder view 3

I then put the breastplate over top of the clips adjusting them where I needed to and then marked the center point of the clip with a white paint pen on the shoulder seams.

I then started gluing the clips in place with a hot glue gun. I drew the outline of where the clips would go first with the white paint pen. I made sure that the clips would line up with the center marks I made earlier on the seams.

You can just see the outlines I made on both the front and back pieces. The first clip on the right side was glued first.
Once finished both pieces looked like this.
Clips front and back

And of course I had to try it on!

I’m holding it flat in these pictures to best replicate the way it will sit when I have the under armour made. I’ll have industrial Velcro attached to the inside of the breastplate (About one inch and a half) and then about one inch of Velcro on the edge of under armour. This way the two will connect bringing in the breastplate and back plate (which sits out a little also) shaping properly.

And that’s it for this post!
I will have a Very lengthy post Wednesday night about my Elizabethan (I’m calling it that form now on and that is final!) dress if I don’t have an overload of homework. But more about that then!

Thank you for reading




Demongaze Armour Part 4

So this weekend I finished the breastplate, front and back! 
Worbla 5Worbla 7Worbla 6

My very first time using Worbla and I am so very proud of this!!
I just love the in depth details, they stand out really well and make the armour look really dramatic! Can’t wait for it to be painted and really highlight those details.
Worbla front and back
Its in two separate pieces (Split at the shoulder) so its difficult to wear at the moment because I haven’t got anything attaching them at the moment. Which is why I have no photos for me wearing it yet. I should do in either the next update or the one after. The back plate and breastplate will be attached with small safety buckles (I’ve probably mentioned this before!).  The below photos show and edited photo showing the placement of 4 of the buckles and the buckles and thread (tape? I can’t remember what its called)
Shoulder clipsclips
I decided to go with two either side to keep it even and more secure. I’m beginning to make the under armour which will sit in two pieces under the breastplate/backplate. The breastplate pieces will connect to the under armour with industrial Velcro. Worbla has a reasonable amount of give to it so it will nicely sit against my back with the Velcro. I have tried the back piece on and I know the bottom plate doesn’t fit against my back directly so it will need something to bring it in.
I had one concerned follower on Cosplay Amino today ask if I was able to sit in the breastplate, luckily I did think of this while designing it. The point on the lower piece of the breastplate (also the lowest point on the whole armour) just goes past my belly button when standing up right and hardly changes when sitting down. Which means I should be able to comfortably sit down.

Not many pictures with this update and I apologies for that, most of this weekend was spent merging the worbla together which was slow and tedious! I’ll be working on my gauntlets this week after school and I think my mother is getting 10 meters of top pop poplin for me to draft my Ophelia dress as I realized April is only 3 months away and if I want an Autumn shoot I’m going to have to start the dress soon!
The next update is scheduled for next weekend.

Thank you for reading

Demongaze Armour Part 3

Big update for this cosplay! Today I overlaid the foam with Worbla which was also my first ever time using the thermoplastic Worbla!
But before I talk about that I’ll go through my process in order.

Continuing on from my previous post I drew details onto the foam which would become raised details when carved out later. I would draw the pattern on one side of the plate and then transfer it onto the other side using grease proof paper by making stencils. My drawing skills aren’t great when it comes to replicating to the exact detail so the grease proof paper stencil was a great alternative to trying re draw everything.

Mini Tutorial, no images sadly
The stencils were made by drawing one side of the pattern (To the symmetrical point usually the center line of the breastplate) I drew this while the foam was pinned in position on the dress form, this is optional but I think it just helps with perspective. Once the pattern was drawn I would take it off the dress form and then lay grease proof paper over top and push pins into the paper through the foam to hold both in place while I traced the pattern with a ball point pen (marker pens tend to be too thick). I then flipped over the paper and put it onto the blank side of the foam armour piece and pinned the paper into place. Then with my craft knife I lightly  re-‘drew’ the lines with the blade. After finishing I took the paper off the armour piece and used my ball point pen to follow the lines the craft knife had made. And then the whole pattern was transferred! Because I would be cutting along these lines later I didn’t worry about the cuts the knife had made.

Once all pieces had their patterns drawn on them they looked like this.

Drawn detail frontDrawn detail sideDrawn detail back

I then needed to create second layers for each of the pieces that have details (that will be cut out to create depth) on them. Once the second pieces were cut out I glued them to their originals. Below are pictures of the full foam breastplate with raised details ect.

Foam Finish BackFoam Finish sideFoam finish front

And then the wait was over! Worbla Time!
Its surprisingly easier to work with than I had anticipated. It covers everything so nicely, its great to have a material that has a finish that great. Because Worbla cools hard it means you don’t have to accurately pre-shape the foam first because you can heat the overlay of Worbla to the correct shape once its covered.

You’ll notice that the armour now has indented details this is from cutting pieces out of the top layer of the foam patterns. I then pushed the hot worbla into these indents making it all smooth as I went so that I would look clean and natural.
I started with the breast pieces and then moved onto the ‘V neck’ pieces first creating the top half of the breastplate first. None of these are merged (attached) together yet.
Worbla 1
I then moved onto the under boob plate. This piece was the most time consuming of all the pieces I covered today.
Worbla 2
The last piece was the lowermost plate (Tummy/stomach plate or something?) This was the easiest one to make and hardly required any shaping.
Worbla 3
Ignore the Snapchat caption (despite how accurately it portrays my current feelings) This is what the full front breastplate looks like! Yes some pieces have slipped in the photo but its a pretty accurate representation of how it will look when all together.
I did manage to get the top half of the breastplate attached in the center line. I gave up on the underboob plate because I would need another pair of hands and I didn’t have access to that at the time! Also I hadn’t eaten all day and that’s my fault not the progress of evolution. This is 2016 where is my second pair of arms anyway?
The photo the finished top half of the breastplate is below.
Worbla 4
I will try to get the underboob and stomach piece attached tomorrow so I can post a photo of me wearing it tomorrow to social media and in my next update which will likely be next weekend. I have also decided to make the thigh piece from Worbla and craft (2mm) foam. Which means trashing the piece I made from 6mm EVA foam, which I haven’t posted about previously so we’ll pretend that hasn’t happened! I still have the pattern so I wont need to re-pattern luckily. More on that in the next post.. maybe.

And that’s it for this post! I am so so pleased with this weekends progress and can’t wait to pick it up again after school tomorrow. Also I contacted the store I bought my fabric from when I was in England and now know the material I’ll be using for my Young Girl’s Loose Gown. Italian Duchess Satin. I’ll go through and edit my last post on the gown and dress and change it to that when ever I have time.

Thank you for reading

Demongaze Armour Part 2

A small update on my patterning and armour making process so far.

I’ve finished patterning the gauntlets. The gauntlets were patterned in the same way I patterned the breastplate, just this time I was wrapping my arm in plastic wrap and painters tape. I drew the pattern on as best I could while it was on my arm and then refined the outline (making cleaner edges) once I took the pattern off my arm. After this I transferred the pattern onto EVA Foam. After this I taped the seam up and put it on to make sure it would fit me (Always test as you go!). This was the result.

I’m planing on making the gauntlet zip up but I will explain this further when I have overlaid it with worbla and am ready to start the process of doing that!
Next I patterned the raised details which can be seen as the grey colored sections on the reference image. I had a minor melt down half way through making these when I self convinced myself the gauntlet wasn’t bulky enough (It sounds stupid but WOW armour is known for over emphasizing things like shoulders, lower and upper arms, boots and yeah in some cases boobs!) because of this I dropped making the gauntlets for a day until I cam back and realized the raised details would bring the bulkiness up to standard I might just have to make the gauntlets slightly wider now so they come around my arm properly. Which I didn’t mind having to do so I continued making the raised details and they look like this!
Gauntlet 1
The was all going so well… And then my hot glue gun died on me. And I don’t mean one of those easy to fix in a jiffy deaths.
The trigger was at first stuck and wouldn’t move so I eventually forced it to and it broke so its now got no tension what so ever and will no longer push glue forward. As well as that glue is now getting clogged (I guess?) at the end of the gun and is literally seeping out of any part of the gun it can like seams in the plastic. It died in a hot mess.
So I threw it out and continued gluing the raised details together with wood glue (Which is so much cleaner than hot glue and I hate myself for not doing that first). I do however need a hot glue gun to glue the raised details to the base, this is because of some of the award angles the details must be glued on at so that layer properly.
Once this is complete everything will be covered in worbla.

Next I started on the thigh armour. This was really difficult to pattern, I ended up asking my mother to help wrap one of my legs in plastic wrap and painters tape! Once I was covered I marked certain spots to keep track of where the armour would sit. I then carefully pulled the plastic wrap and tape mess off and then stuffed clothes into the cast of my leg so that it would maintain shape while I drew the shape on. Once I drew the pattern on I cut around it and tried it on.

I have since cut the pattern out for one leg and have found that the top of the leg armour needs to be re-shaped. I’m not going to do anything else with the leg plates until the breastplate and belt is made because I can then estimate how high they need to come up and re-shape the top accordingly. The top will then clip onto the belt with a small safety buckle.

I’m heading to Nelson tomorrow to pick up some supplies like a Dremel and other things I haven’t bought yet or have forgotten to get. I really don’t want to be spending too much money after tomorrow as I’ll need to be saving up for my school formal dress soon which is going to be even more money out of pocket! I’ll have an haul post up tomorrow or Thursday showing what I bought as usual.
And I’m back at school this Thursday! My last year at college before the scary but exciting University stage of my life! Really pleased that I got all of my first choice subjects this year, which is really rare as my college caters mostly to the science students who attend so all of those subjects have their own subject lines and the arts are pushed onto lines containing other art subjects making it hard for art students to get all their first choice subjects. No subject clashes for the first time in two years! Yay!
From now on I’ll be stuck to working on weekends and after school, I am determined to get this costume finished well before Wellington Comic-Con because I really need to make my other costumes too!

Thank you for reading and I will be keeping WordPress updated on all my costume progress.

Demongaze Armour Part 1

Having only arrived back at home in the past 3 days and only being in NZ for the past 6 I was extremely excited to start on my newest costume,the Demongaze Death Knight Armour from World of Warcraft.

I started patterning on my dressform by using the typical armour making technique by covering the area I wanted to pattern in glad-wrap (Plastic food wrap) and then covering that with painters tape. The glad-wrap acts as a barrier so they you aren’t directly applying the painters tape to the dressform. This way it comes off easily and maintains shape a lot better. The painters tape then acts as your pattern paper, which you draw your patterns on with a vivid marker pen.

I swear the WOW community is the best when it comes to easy reference images! I was luckily enough to be able to find a 3D movable image of the armour I’m working on. The link to that is Here however I’m not sure if it will work on mobile if you wish to view it on that platform. You can also un-equip armour which meant I could take off the shoulder armour and helm as they were in the way of me seeing the breastplate and back plate.

I made a quick (poor) sketch of the armour before starting the patterning. This just helped me to plan out the order I would be making things and how they fit together and to work out seams ect.

Once I had the page set up and zoomed in on the area I was patterning, I set to work.
I started with the breastplates lower section (nicknamed ‘the under boob or mid tit plate’) I can’t find the patterning progress for this plate and that’s probably down to me stuffing up on the first attempt which is fixed now.
Underboob armour
I’d just like to quickly say that I’m not bothered about pinning the foam in this build as everything will be covered in black Worbla anyway, had I not been covering it I would be a lot more cautious about this as it does leave a marks and they’re hard to remove.

Next to pattern was main breastplate (or the booby cup as Kumui cosplay would call it!) I will be shaping it with a ball ornament to get a round shape in needed places.. The piece then merges up to the shoulder seam. I’ve left this piece of the armour as painters tape because it will be made from folded Worbla (two layers) this is because shaping foam to that shape could be difficult, the double layer just makes it sturdier.
I also patterned another section of the breastplate which comes up from the center of the under boob armour piece which goes up to meet with the end of the main breastplate piece making a ‘V-neck’ shape when mirrored. (Better photos of that later on)

Next is the 3rd layer of the breastplate which comes off the 2nd layer. I was really careful patterning this piece as I had to make sure it would be long enough to meed the belt but now be so long that it exceed where the belt would sit. And I think I got there!
full chest 3rd layer
And that is the breastplate patterned! I only had the backplate to work on. I started with the top which I made sure to connect with the shoulder seam on the breastplate. I then continued with the 2nd and 3rd layers using the same techniques.

After finishing the backplate I went back and made foam copies of the ‘V-neck’ piece as I realized it wouldn’t need to be made from folded (two layers) of Worbla.
Full fron armour
And that is what the front looks like! The painters tape section will be mirrored on the other side with Worbla so you’ll just have to be that little bit imaginative for now!

Above is the finished front and back armour pieces.

The bottom two layers of the breastplate and backplate need another layer so that I can add depth details but I will explain that more in my next post. I’ll be getting sculpting materials Tuesday so that I can add the Worbla over top of the foam and start the molding and shaping process.

And that’s the first official progress report on this cosplay.
Thank you for reading


Back to New Zealand/Work Schedule

I have had an amazing six weeks in England, seeing family again, looking at university’s, going to various museums in London and spending all of my money at Goldbrick fabrics.
I feel like I have achieved at lot since being there. I now have a better understanding of what courses I’m interested in as well as the direction I want to explore when it comes to making costumes and the skills I learn through those projects. I also feel like I have revived this blog with more frequent posts even if they are just about me rambling over period costumes. There will be a lot more posts this year with the large amount of costumes I have decided to make as well as the courses I have been accepted into such as  National Youth Drama School which is being held in April.

My last full day in England was spent at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre a place I have dreamed about visiting ever since I got into acting when I was 13 or so.
It was an amazing experience and I loved the tour! I was semi star struck you could say when I saw that Janet Arnold the author of the ‘Patterns of Fashion’ series had a plaque dedicated to her! I didn’t realize that her patterns are actually used when making some of costumes for the globe. Those costumes which are all hand sewn might I add!!! Which is an amazing task considering this is what they have achieved through using sewing techniques from Shakespeare’s time.


In other news, we’ve bought a house over here in North Devon which will take away so much stress in the next coming eleven months. Its a lovely two story house with a large garden perfect for my cat and dog and its already been decided that the old garage will be renovated into a small studio for me to work in on my costumes!

Work Schedule for 2016
This is a little repetitive but it gives you an idea of the order I will be making costumes this year.

The first costume I will be starting on is the Demongaze Death Knight Armour from World of Warcraft.
I ordered my black worbla from Cosplay Supplies  in the Jumbo (XL) sheet size. They got my shipping address wrong on the first payment slip/receipt so make sure you check that if you order from them!! I wouldn’t have gotten the worbla had they used the original address. Because the site is based in America the cost of shipping gets worse the further away you are so I ended up spending $50 on the cheapest shipping method.
My wallet hates me, I hate me.
I’ll be starting on the breastplate first but I’m also really excited to start on the sword Frostreaper which I will be making from 3 layers of 6mm EVA with dowel running down the center for support. This costume is aimed to be worn at Wellington Armageddon Expo (Now NZ Comicon) June 6th. This gives me six months to work on this costume. Lots of time!

In my textiles class I should be starting on the Young Girl’s Lose Gown.
I have all the fabric to get started on the final product I just need corset material and the material I will use to drape draft the pattern up to scale which will most likely be Top Pop Poplin. I’m thinking about looking online for the lace I want to go around the neckline and sleeves as I can find any nice samples. I’m hoping to be able to make the dress alongside the gown but as I will be working on Demongaze its not likely I will be able to.
fabrics and dress

At some point before Autumn I will make the dress from the painting Ophelia by Georges-Jules-Victor Clairin. I want the photo shoot to happen in Autumn so I can best match the background of the painting. This dress will also count as a historical dress which is a great bonus because my portfolio lacks historical components at the moment. I adore the color and style of this dress and am really looking forward to the photo shoot!
Fabrics for blue

I will likely make Sansa’s dress for my second project in my Fashion and (but not limited to costumes) Textiles class. That is of course if it meets the standard requirements. I really love Sansa’s dresses and decided I had to make one! It also counts as a historical-ish dress which is great as that is my focus for the year. At the moment I’m thinking of printing fabric myself so I’m looking into methods of doing that at the moment.
dresss and fabric purple

Celaena, Queen of Shadows. I love the Throne of Glass series (And recommend it if you enjoy fantasy novels with awesome kick ass female assassins, the books are amazing!) and have debated cosplaying Celaena for a while (more about that in an earlier post). I’ll use left over worbla for this cosplay and am planing to wear it to Auckland Armageddon expo in October.


That’s the schedule for 2016 now for the task of making all that and sticking to it! I’ll be home officially tomorrow, after unpacking I want to start patterning the breastplate and roll out my 6mm eva foam so it will be flat and ready to cut once the patterns are drawn for that. I’m now considering going for 4 layers of eva for the sword, fingers crossed I have enough foam for that with the blade being about 1m in length (That’s the measurement in my head and I will confirm that later.

Thank you all for reading and here’s to 2016!

2015 Costumes in review and next years schedule

This year has been successful as I completed a number of costumes and left a few behind to be finished at a later time. I thought it would be fun to go through all of this years costumes and then make a list of whats going to happen next year.


Sisters at Sea
The first costume I made in 2015 was a replica WW1 New Zealand Nurse uniform for a school play which I also stared in. This costume was made in class time and took roughly 3 weeks of work.

Temple Priest Robes (Skyrim)
This cosplay was being made at home while I worked on my WW1 Nurse Uniform at school. Honestly I lost interest in this costume because I was disappointed in how the dyed robes came out. The color was dull and I really should have tried re dying them before I sewed layers upon layers of bias tap on but it was far too late for me to do this when I realized I hated it. I have this costume hanging up at home in a different room from my sewing room so I don’t have to look at it and that seams to be working! I may finish this costume next year but honestly I have more important components that need to be in my portfolio. I am not happy with this costume at all

Dragon Scale Armour (Skyrim)
Once I had given up on the Temple Priest robes I started on the armour made from 6mm EVA foam for this costume while working on the (battle) dress in my fashion and textiles class. This was my first time working with EVA foam both to try it out and prepare myself for working with worbla in the future. It was certainly a mission that’s for sure. Lots of painting involved and I think I improved a little on that skill. I loved doing the photo shoot with my photographer it was an amazing experience and can’t wait for next years shoots. This costume was finished just before the convention I wore it to in late October.

Dark Brotherhood Armour (Skyrim)
Over all this costume was made in 3-4 days and was a reasonably easy build, not so easy to wear. The major mistake I made with this costume was top sewing a non stretch fabric (cotton) onto a stretch fabric (spandex) which restricted the moment I had in the suit to very little. I did love wearing this costume and got some great photos with people at the con including JenofMidgard who is so lovely! I will need to re shoot this costume next year as I stupidly forgot the belts in the first shoot. And I will of course have my hood up in the photos, another thing I forgot.

Lucina (Fire Emblem Awakening)
This costume is un-finished but I defiantly have plans to finish it next year in between projects or when I’m bored of a project and need a break from it. I’m pleased with hows its looking so far and will do a photo shoot in it at some point.

Nightingale Armour, Re-paint (Skyrim)
This costume was completed in 2014 but I decided to repaint it all for a photo shoot I was having in late November for the other two costumes I had made this year. I re-painted the whole costume with liquid ‘kiwi’ shoe polish until the paint layer was even. I then went around the outline edges with a white paint pen to add some extra detail.

And that’s it for costumes made in 2015 I don’t think I have missed anything. Moving onto next years costumes!

2016 These costumes are in a vague order

Demongaze Death Knight Armour (World of Warcraft)
What will be my first worbla build along with working with other new materials . My first full post on this is here where I break the armour down and talk about how I’m going to go about making it.

Young Girl’s Evening Dress (Historical dress)
This dress will be the first costume with a historical aspect for my portfolio. I love the era this dress is from and had to make something from that era. I adore hanging sleeves and wanted to make the dress and the cloak/cape as soon as I saw it.
pretty dfresee

Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
I love the character of Sansa and decided I wanted to make one of her dresses while watch the series. I really like how modest her dresses are and like the styles of most of them, not so much season 1 as she was still quite childish. The dress I decided on was the one she wears a lot in season 3 similar to the Dragonfly dress.

Ophelia, Georges-Jules-Victor Clairin (Ophelia in blue)
Another goal of mine for next year is to make a dress based of a painting. I’ve always liked the famous painting Ophelia by John Everett Millais but decided that dress wasn’t what I wanted to make so I kept searching and fell upon the painting by Georges-Jules-Victor Clairin which I think is fantastic and I just love so much about the work. Because of the back ground of the painting I want to have a shoot for this dress in Autumn so it has the same striking effect the painting has. The dress looks simple enough to make and I should be able to drape and draft it on my dress form.

Queen of Shadows (Throne of glass series book 4 cover art)
This is a recent costume I decided to make and a full post about that is here. I have lots of plans for this costume already and will likely buy fabrics for it in London.
full front

And those are the five costume I will be making next year. There are some other costumes too which I will be making in my Fashion and Textiles class. I’m thinking about making a Tudor corset in that class but then again I’m making one that’s in-sewed into the dress for my Elizabethan dress so at the moment I’m debating if that is a greater skill shown to making a separate corset. There is also the Trash for Fashion show in March(?) which I will be entering obviously with an original concept. I am working on drawings for this so I may have a post about that later in the month.  And I will be entering the Bernina Shakespeare Costume Design Competition which I have started looking into for a character and inspiration.

And that’s my vague plan for this year!
Thank you for reading



Fabric shopping in London: The list

I did attempt to go shopping earlier in the week for the fabrics I need for my upcoming costumes. I wanted to go to Goldhawk Road first but my mother insisted that we go to this in her words ‘really great’ fabric market… that was dodgy as hell. I can’t really remember where it was but basically the town we were in had one of its main roads closed off for this market (it was not just a fabric market) and it stretched off down the road. So we walked down the road looking at all of the stalls selling rip off items, poor replicas and and some items that didn’t look all that legal only to find disappointment. Apart from the fabric being really poor quality, none of the sellers had anyway of measuring or cutting the fabric.  So I decided rather than being ripped off I would promptly leave.

The plan now is to go to Goldhawk road after Christmas possibly the same day I go up to Wimbledon College of arts and if there is enough time to go up to the Victoria and Albert Museum we’ll do that too. If not I will just go another day.

So what am I buying for and what is my list?

Costumes I am buying for

Demongaze Death Knight Armour
(yes I finally worked how to get the hood onto the 3D model)

Sansa Stark
Sansa dress 1

Young girls loose gown (Elizabethan)pretty dfresee

The fabric list

Demongaze armour

  • Bodysuit fabric, dark purple scaled pattern would be ideal in a stretch fabric. For this I will be using Yaya Han’s body suit pattern (previously used in my Dark Brother hood cosplay)
  • Cowl and cape will be made from a midnight blue medium-heavy weight cotton fabric.
  • Cowl accent could possibly be faux leather or craft foam. I will probably make this decision based on what I can find in the fabric stores.

Sansa Stark

  • Iris purple fabric with an ornate pattern
  • Iris purple lining fabric
  • Buttons similar to the ones pictured
  • I will be using the Simplicity pattern 1487 for this dress


Young Girls loose gown (Elizabethan)

  • I think the colors of garnet red and mahogany red would look really nice together. I want one of those fabrics to have an ornate pattern. The effect I want is for either the dress to have the ornate patterned red and the cape to just be a simple red with out a pattern or vise versa.
  • I also want to get trims for this costume to go on the dress and the pecks of the shoulders ect.


I think that is everything but I’m sure I will add to it if I have forgotten anything.
And that’s what I will be buying in London, I really look forward to making these costume next year and sharing them on this blog.

Thank you for reading

Demongaze Costume Armour Planing

I always try to plan out costumes as best I can before starting them and I decided I would share how I do that. This works for both armoured and fabric costumes.

This is the full armour from front and back
Both the front and back

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to attach the Demongaze armour to myself when I wear it. So yes I have decided on this cosplay for next year! Strapping armour to yourself can be really tedious depending on the complexity of the armour its self. I found this out with my Dragon Scale armour from Skyrim. Looking back at it now the way I strapped the breastplate to myself is really ugly,
my skill did get a little better as I made the thigh and skirting armour as I could hide it a lot better. I want to improve on this skill with the Demongaze amour by better hiding the strapping and clips and buckles ect.

So lets take a trip into paint and watch me ramble and through ideas out there so I won’t forget them later!

The Breastplate

Making 1
Okay so the image above is a quarter turn view of the armour, the dark black area under the arm is obviously armour-less (I will be wearing a bodysuit under all of the armour so the fabric of that will be showing here) Below that we can see a thick dark blue line following the side of her torso to the belt. I think this would be the best place for a seam/split of the worbla, you can see the the breastplate is layered over another piece of armour covering the stomach, then there is the ‘wrap around’ armour underneath that which would connect at the seam.
Making 2
This image is an angled view of the back of the armour, the main plates of the armour are distinct with the silver trim. The blue surrounding that armour is the ‘wrap around’ armour I talked about before, you can just see the thick dark blue line where I want the seam to be by the girls arm. Ignore the dot in the top right corner I didn’t see it before uploading the image!
Making 3
Above you can see where the armour goes over the shoulders, I’m hoping to keep the breastplate as one piece by having the shoulder pieces of the breastplate connect to the front and back plates, have room for the arm hole and then the split down the side. Similar to this…
cardbaordFound on Pinterest without credit

But with a lot more shape to it. I would make the breastplate without having a split but because it has a lot of shape to it it will be easier to get on with the splits. I would likely have two small safety buckles (like the one I used on the back of the Dragon Scale armour belt) on each side of the split, four in total for the breastplate.

The Belt

Above are images of the front and back of the belt. I think the easiest way of making this is from worbla (like everything else in this build) and EVA foam. The belt will have a safety buckle at the front (same as the one mentioned before) which will be hidden by the skull, I will attach the skull with a hook and eye set on the inside of the belt. The belt also has a small plate of armour at the back (circled in the right picture) which I will make a part of the belt, I will probably have a small piece of elastic going between my lets to connect the bottom of that to the front of the belt underneath the skull.
Belt Skull

Front and side view of the skull on the belt. I would probably make the base out of 6mm EVA foam and then cover with worbla. The horns would either be made from insulation foam or tinfoil and DAS clay.

Thigh Armour

Front,side and back of the thigh armour (left leg). This again will be made from EVA foam sandwiched between worbla I think then to make the raised silver detail I will make a pattern out of 6mm foam and then dremel it down to shape with clean edges and cover with worbla. There is a band of armour that goes around the leg so I will be making this fitted to me as well as having an elastic strap higher up on the inside of my thigh to keep it on my body. And because gravity is a bitch that won’t be enough to keep it up and it will likely slip down as I’m walking. //Flashback to SNK Cosplay of 2014// To prevent this I will have yet another safety buckle on this cosplay. One end of the buckle will sit underneath the belt on my hip so that it will line up with the top most point of the thigh armour, where there will be the other end of the buckle underneath of the top most point of the armour so that they can clip together.


Above are the boots, I don’t know why but WOW has a thing for really bulky boots. For these I’m planing on making proper boot covers to go over my amazing black boots which I have used for four costumes so far. I’ll then make the silver face and armour from worbla and EVA foam which should stay on without elastic because it has two points of connection with the boot. Under the foot and the top opening of the boot.


The gauntlets from front, side and back. I think these should be pretty simple. Made from EVA foam with EVA foam raised details and then covered in worbla. And I’m sure there is a tutorial out there for gems but I will talk about that later. I think making them in one piece in then being able to slide the on is the easiest option to go with. I have seen some tutorials of worbla gauntlets with zippers so that could be another option.

Shoulder armour/pauldrons

THESE ARE EITHER GOING TO BE LOTS OF FUN OR LITERAL HELL. The shoulder armour is basically a giant skull with horns and glowing blue eyes and I love it! I’m going to make these attach to the shoulder of the breastplate using the same method Jessica Nigri did to mount her large shoulder armour.

The above images show where she has added more foam to the shoulder piece to make it sit higher (which is a reoccurring thing in WOW armour) The bottom of the added foam has Velcro which connects to the Velcro on her shoulder harness (which will be the actual shoulder armor for me) As well as that she has a safety buckle on the shoulder armour and the other end of the buckle is on the harness shoulder piece. This is there to add more security to the shoulder armour and also to keep it closer to her head holding it more upright. I will be playing around with this technique but I’m sure I will do it differently as my breastplate is a lot different.
As far as making the skulls goes I will probably make the base from 6mm EVA foam and then cover everything in worbla. And i really really want to add a LED circuit to those skulls so the eyes will glow blue. My idea is that I could have four LEDs two for each skull obviously and then have the battery pack and circuit at the back of my neck (on a harness of course, perhaps built into the back plate?) which would be covered by my hood. I really do need to look into this more as I haven’t worked with LEDs before unless you count that time in the Technology center in Year 8 but I never paid attention any way.

Horns, look cool but are a maybe

Horns (head)
This is a close up of the horns and the only photo I have of them. I think they look really cool and add to the armour quite a bit. The blue horns to the top of the head are actually apart of the race wearing the armor but I don’t have any other photos so this will be the image used for reference. The base of the horns look like they cloth on them likely to be apart of the hood/cowl. I think I will make the horns from insulation foam or expanding foam and then cover with worbla. I would make them to attach to a headband which I can wear under the hood and have holes in the hood so that the horns can poke through and hopefully cover my awful craftsmanship of attaching the horns to the headband.

Bodysuit, hood and maybe a cape

In the first picture I have circled areas where you can best see the (chain mail, other armour… something) underneath the main armour. This is where I plan to make a body suit. Because I have an extreme pet hate for cosplayers who make incredible armour and then wear normal clothes of the same color under it (example: Long sleeved black shirt and pants)  instead of just making a body suit. It looks so tacky !!! The texture looks like a large scale print which is burnt purple color, though I doubt it would be an issue if I just went with a dark blue color. But I want to try and replicate the scale effect. This will be my second armour cosplay with a scale print… Fabric choice will likely be spandex/spandex blend.

Hood and possible cape
Below I try to justify why I should make the cape
The second image shows a close up of the hood. The hood looks reasonably fitted and so does the scarf (cowl is the right word I know). The cowl is what makes me want to add a cape to the costume. Simply because capes are awesome. Also by having a cape I can cover up the back of the costume a lot better, not saying the back of the costume will look bad but if I do have a battery pack for the LEDs it would be nice to have some more coverage. I don’t think a cape would make the costume look bad either just add to the awesomeness of the armour. I would use the same fabric for the cowl and cape because crossing materials is another pet hate of mine. If I can find enough of the right fabric I defiantly will make the cape. I think the best length for for the cape would be just below the backs of my knees (apparently that’s called your ‘popliteal’, see you can learn things through my blog) I think I will fry the edges giving it a weathered look ect.
I think the beast fabric would be a cotton blend but I will see what I can find in the fashion district!


I briefly thought about making all of the blue gems glow with LEDs but decided that it would be way too time consuming and considering I haven’t used LEDs before a bit of a dumb idea. Besides I think having the eyes on the skulls glowing is a really neat effect and I just want to keep it to that one area. The boots also have a face on them along with glowing eyes but I’m just going to over look that and make those gems as well.  I have seen many different tutorials that use hot glue to make gems by heating the glue in a microwave adding color and then re-heating the glue and shaping it to the shape you want. Another option is mold casting gems but that can be expensive so if I do go with that option I might talk to my friend who also cosplays and see if we go halves on the costs for those materials. The surround of the gems will be worbla painted silver to give the gems that inset look on the armour.

I will most likely use acrylic paint when painting the armour. Its the best paint to use on worbla and wont crack and will take damage without showing it. There is a really neat art shop in the town over from where my grandmother lives in England so I really want to go there when buying paints. I will put together a pallet of all the most dominant colors in the armour and print it off before I pack my things so I can take it with me. Color pallets are so easy to make I don’t know why more cosplayers don’t make them when buying fabrics and paints.

Frostreaper, Blade of the Fallen Prince

weapon 2weapon
Not armour but apart of the costume all the same. There are two ways I am thinking of doing this build. The first way is with 6mm EVA foam likely sandwiched together (rough sides in the middle) and then shaped down with a dremel. Or making a vague (and I mean vague because there is so much detail on that sword) outline from balsa wood and then covering that in expanding foam and carving that down to shape, then covering with worbla. From what I can tell from other (low quality) screen shots of the sword only one side has incredible detail. From this I have decided to keep the sword looking as it does from these angle and then just improvise on what the skull looks like at the back instead of  mirroring the entire sword on both sides.

And I think that covers everything I will be making in this post. I can’t start on this costume until next year after I have come home from England but I’m sure I will have posts related to it while I’m on holiday. I am very excited to start this armour.

Thank you for reading this very long post