Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening Progress: Part 2

I could have made this post weeks ago but as I’m sure you can tell I got carried away with planing other costumes!

So here is my progress on Lucina.
Because my mock up was successful could transfer my patterns onto my blue fabric and start the tunic. But this meant ripping apart my mock up which took about an hour.

No seam allowances needed to be made to theses patterns as the mock up had seam allowance and was tight on me. I knew the fabric would stretch so I was happy with this decision.
I needed to sew darts into the sides of the tunic because without them it would honestly look a bib. I made the darts by pining the two pattern pieces  together, putting the tunic on and then folding the darts making them even on each side.

The darts can’t be seen all that well in this photo but you can see how much more shape the tunic has in comparison to the mock up I made.

I then needed to add bias tap to most of the raw edges on the blue fabric (NOTE I had not sewn the side seams together at this point)

I marked out where I wanted the bias tape to go with chalk making sure to layer it properly so that it would have the best appearance. I then sewed on the bias tape, starting with the corner details.

Lucina also has these cute little triangles that point out from the squares so I made those from bias tape to by folding it into a triangle and then sewing it on directly.
Both of these details use bias tape, NEVER use ribbon for these sorts of details it will fray so quickly and quickly look awful.
I then used bias tape around the edges of the front piece, first sewing another strip of bias tape at the top of the tunic about an inch and a half below the raw edge.
And here is the bias tape pinned onto the front of the tunic! And sewn on in the second picture.

I then sewed the bias tape onto the back piece.

Here is what the tunic looks like with the side seams pined together.

The bottom of the tunic is flared (it does not sit like that naturally but will be similar when on myself, less wrinkles) I did this so that you could see the design on the front a little more clearly. Also keep in mind that the back of the tunic will not droop the way it is in the last two photos.

I also bought two planks (I do not think that is the right word) of balsa wood. They are 1 meter by I think 3 inches wide… These are for the sword I’m making. I need to glue them together but they should be long enough for the blade up to the handle. Which I will make from something else which I’m hoping to screw into the main balsa wood blade.

I likely won’t finish this cosplay before I go to England on holiday because I’ve just finished my exams and really just want to take a break from making costumes. I will work on it if I’m interested!

Thank you for reading this update there will be more to come over the next few days



Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening Progress: Part 1

This long weekend I started my Lucina cosplay from Fire Emblem Awakening.
I decided for this cosplay I wanted to draft a pattern myself rather than adapting an existing pattern. So for the second time ever I had to draft a pattern, I did this over my dress form using one of the common drape and draw patterning techniques. I will go into detail about how I do this in a later post. The whole process took me roughly 3-4 hours, completed over the weekend.
The most useful reference image I could find was this,

As seen in the above image Lucina’s tunic has ‘splits’ in it where the different panels of fabric meet. I couldn’t be bothered making these in my mock-up so the tunic looks very much like a pencil skirt. The result of my mock-up is below.
p_JEnhW8 62z-WvQa eC-Szw8k
The fabric I used for this mock-up is called Top Pop Poplin and if I was to compare it to anything that would be a sheet. It frays easily, it’s not that strong and obviously has no stretch to it what so ever. But its cheep. So I love it. It does the job of making mock ups and I will probably continue to use it for mock ups.

Notes on the mock-up
The back straps are too long but that’s not an issue as I can change them later. When I wear the dress it’s quite ‘figure hugging’ I don’t mind this as I know the fabric I am using for the cosplay has stretch (2-way) so there should be plenty of room. Famous Last Words. I want to make the collar a little higher at the front because I think it sits to low in comparison to the back of the collar. The collar will have two layers of interfacing inside it so that it maintains its shape. Everything but the tunic itself will be doubled in fabric so that it has more shape and is sturdier. On the second image you can see where I have vaguely pinned a dart. This is so the front panel of the tunic has shape to it rather than looking like a bib or the front of an apron. Almost every edge of the tunic has a yellow bias trim.

School finishes for me on Wednesday so I will begin making the costume out of the blue fabric on Thursday. I really want to get this project finished so I can plan out other costumes so I am making it my goal to have this finished in a week. We’ll see how that goes.

Also for this project I am planing on making her sword (Falchion). Which means I want to try out a new technique for prop making. This time with balsa wood. I will be using a program called PosteRazor to print her sword out to scale on paper then transfer that to the balsa wood and from there it’s all just cutting,carving and sanding. I’m really interested in this technique as it’s not like anything I have attempted before. The template I will be using is below,

I will go into more detail about this technique as I try it out. Wish me luck!

That’s all to report for now. Thank you for reading yet another short update.

Birthday/ Shopping Haul

Today is my birthday and as usual I went to Spotlight in Nelson to spend all of my birthday money on fabrics and craft supplies for upcoming projects. I didn’t plan out what I needed that well and ended up throwing together a list the night before as well as deciding to make a new costume and buy the fabrics for that. Which meant the awful job of working out how much fabric I needed for that.
Hopefully my working out was correct. Below is what I bought!

Lucina, Fire Emblem Awakening
This was the costume I decided to buy for the night before. It was between her and another character from the series Cordelia (who I mentioned in an earlier post)
fire_emblem_awakening___lucina___wip_by_vertexwolf-d6rjqb7 35d9023ffeaa6bcbd4d9b4cde01e7a80.image.400x500

I love her design, the Fire Emblem makers are amazing at designing characters. I think I will make the sword but we’ll just see how that goes.
I bought: Five meters of blue 2-way stretch fabric. Sports Active Pioue Knit Navy is the name I was given. This is for the tunic, cape, sock things and the scarf that comes off the cape (There is a proper name but I can’t find it) Half a meter of white Top Pop Poplin This is for the top of the socks and her gloves. It’s quite thin so I will probably end up doubling it. I bought another three meters of this before leaving to use to draft patterns on my dress form using the draping technique. The fabric was super cheep and only cost me $1 per meter with my VIP card.  I also bought two and a half meters of Broadcloth in the color ruby for the inside lining of the cape. I bought another meter of Broadcloth in the color teastain for the belts, I was going to buy a meter and a half but when the lady at the counter laid out a mater I decided that would be enough. Lets hope that doesn’t backfire on me.
Bias Tape 
Ten meters of 12mm gold/yellow bias tape. This is for the lining of the tunic. Three meters of 25mm dark brown bias tape. This is for the outside of the belt. I decided to make a fabric belt rather than faux leather belt because I’m sick of faux leather at the moment!!
3vNEtTfF qxG6a5Yo

While in spotlight I found the most perfect fabric for the Angelic pretty Misty Skies dress I want to make. But I spotted it from a far… Upon closer inspection I found that the fabric didn’t have the cloud pattern I thought it had but it was tie dyed In The Perfect Colors For The Dress !!! I didn’t take a picture of the fabric but I found this on google and its pretty similar so you can see why I was so excited.

I decided that its going to be easier to find the fabric I want (or the closest to it I can get) online. I have found a few stores that sell something similar so I’ll just have to compare them all until I officially buy however many meters I need.

My birthday itself was great too by the way! Despite being 17 I feel no different to how I felt yesterday. I’m really happy with the progress I’m making on my costumes and really need to get around to making a proper portfolio but this works for now.

Thank you for reading

Future Costumes

I decided I would make a post similar to the posts you find about cosplayers and their upcoming cosplays. My only difference here is that I will be making a historical costume as well.

So in no particular order, the costumes I am planing on making at some point before I move to England. These will be to build up my portfolio and practice the skills of sewing ect~

Young Girls Evening Dress, I found this design in a collection of historical costume books I bought recently. The book being “Patterns for Fashion 3” by Janet Arnold which shows many dresses and gowns from 1560-1620. I love the simple design and they way it drapes along with the beautiful sleeves. 

pretty dfresee imgres

Cordelia (character from the game Fire Emblem Awakening), I love this game so much and really want to make a costume from it. I really like the medieval fantasy style along with bright colors style the game has. Another character I considered was one of the main protagonists Lucina but I decided Cordelia would be more fun.

Tiamo_Portrait Cordelia_(FE13_Artwork)

Original Design, This one is kinda vague because I haven’t a set plan for it just yet. This is because its unlikely I will start on it this year. So really at the moment I only have a few sketches in my book and inspiring pictures I found on the Internet. I’m excited to start this but it won’t be for a long time yet.

Other Costumes I will be making for competitions,

In 2016 I plan to enter 2 competitions (at least I have found two I can enter so far) that involve costume design/construction. The first one is the ‘SGCNZ/Bernina Shakespeare Costume Design Competition’ the winning design from this competition will be displayed at Shakespeare’s Globe, London. The design has to be for a character from one of Shakespeare’s plays and can take on any style or time period meaning it doesn’t need to be Elizabethan in appearance. This is a definite competition I will be entering because I will suit my portfolio wonderfully.

The second competition I am thinking of entering something for is ‘The Trash Fashion Show’ which promotes recycling in the community. This competition is held locally to me which is a plus. There are a few categories to enter in one is specifically for ‘teenagers’ (please read as sarcastically as possible) this categories theme is “Rock & Pop” Ooh what a fascinating theme that has been so obviously directed to an age group that it is not funny. I will probably enter one of that categories directed to adults. A, because I have never really had a passion for music and it is not a big part of my life and B, I don’t think I could produce anything to fit it properly.

I think that sums up all that’s in my head at the moment but I’m sure things will change, my plans always do. I will probably realize I have forgotten something tomorrow but that can be added in later.

Thank you for reading