Dalish Elf Make up test

Here’s something a little different to what I’ve been posting recently!
I bought some new makeup a couple of days ago in preparation for and upcoming shoot (Wednesday 28th) so naturally I tried it out. Originally I was trying it out and making a look for my Elizabethan Ensemble which was very similar to my normal makeup routine. Pale face and lack of eyebrows. So after I successful attempted that I decided to do something a little different.

While packing boxes in my room I came across my elf ears from Aradani Costumes (Moon Elf Ears) And was inspired to do a Dalish Elf makeup test. I’ve previously done a Dunmer make up test so this was mixing things up with the same pair of ears. I don’t currently have any plans for a Dragon Age cosplay but this was fun all the same!

The make up was based of my pretty lil’elf from Dragon Age Origins.
I kept my makeup pretty basic for this and just added the facial tattoos over top of that with a eye liner pencil. My makeup isn’t 100% symmetrical but I’m pretty happy with it for a first attempt!


Like I said earlier I have a photo-shoot this Wednesday for my Elizabethan costume. I have a really nice location set up for this one and can’t wait for it. In other news I’ve just about finished applying for Toi Whakaari (New Zealand’s Nation Drama School) More updates on that in a later post.

Thank you for reading more costume related content coming later in the week!


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