Armageddon Expo Wellington 2016

AKA NZ Comic-Con!!

Last weekend was Wellington Armageddon and my second time attending the con and I had a great time!
I unfortunately didn’t debut any new cosplays but I did wear my lolita Holy Lantern One Piece in Lavender for the first time at an event. And on the second day I wore my Dark Brotherhood cosplay. (Which I really need to finish my write up for…)

So on Friday I somehow packed my bag along with a monster petticoat stuffed on top
Bags packed

Day 2 (Saturday)

Dark Brotherhood Armour (The Elder Scrolls Skyrim)
I totally forgot to take photos of this cosplay when I wore it at the convention/hotel room. But I did throw it on after school this afternoon just to get some current photos of me in it.

I had lots of complements in this cosplay but also had two people call me Deadpool, whyyyyyy??? I also had a girl ask me how I made the costume and we had a great conversation about that. I did need to sew up a small hole in a seam before the con and was on ‘seam watch’ for the whole day in case another one decided to pop. Luckily nothing did rip during the convention but putting it on this afternoon I noticed at least three more seam rips so its safe to say I’m retiring this costume !

Day 2 (Sunday) 

Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern OP in lavender

I absolutely adore this dress and can you blame me! It’s so cute!! So many complements in this dress. The cutest  girl came up to me asking if she could get a photo of the dress saying she loved AP and was so happy to see it at the con. Sadly I didn’t meet any other lolitas at the convention but enjoyed the smiles and wonderful complements on my coord all the same!

And that was Wellington Armageddon 2016!
Now for me to just get my life together and start finishing my costumes !!

Thank you for reading, it was avery short post but more to come this month

I’m thinking about mixing my blog up a little more and including more un-costume related posts which may include me talking about great books/series I’ve read, TV shows and just stories and things that happen to me in my last year in NZ ect~ We’ll see how that goes.


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