Demongaze Armour Part 4

So this weekend I finished the breastplate, front and back! 
Worbla 5Worbla 7Worbla 6

My very first time using Worbla and I am so very proud of this!!
I just love the in depth details, they stand out really well and make the armour look really dramatic! Can’t wait for it to be painted and really highlight those details.
Worbla front and back
Its in two separate pieces (Split at the shoulder) so its difficult to wear at the moment because I haven’t got anything attaching them at the moment. Which is why I have no photos for me wearing it yet. I should do in either the next update or the one after. The back plate and breastplate will be attached with small safety buckles (I’ve probably mentioned this before!).  The below photos show and edited photo showing the placement of 4 of the buckles and the buckles and thread (tape? I can’t remember what its called)
Shoulder clipsclips
I decided to go with two either side to keep it even and more secure. I’m beginning to make the under armour which will sit in two pieces under the breastplate/backplate. The breastplate pieces will connect to the under armour with industrial Velcro. Worbla has a reasonable amount of give to it so it will nicely sit against my back with the Velcro. I have tried the back piece on and I know the bottom plate doesn’t fit against my back directly so it will need something to bring it in.
I had one concerned follower on Cosplay Amino today ask if I was able to sit in the breastplate, luckily I did think of this while designing it. The point on the lower piece of the breastplate (also the lowest point on the whole armour) just goes past my belly button when standing up right and hardly changes when sitting down. Which means I should be able to comfortably sit down.

Not many pictures with this update and I apologies for that, most of this weekend was spent merging the worbla together which was slow and tedious! I’ll be working on my gauntlets this week after school and I think my mother is getting 10 meters of top pop poplin for me to draft my Ophelia dress as I realized April is only 3 months away and if I want an Autumn shoot I’m going to have to start the dress soon!
The next update is scheduled for next weekend.

Thank you for reading

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