Throne of Glass and tales of my cosplay roots

I’m a big fan of reading and have recently been reading a lot more due to not being able to work on my portfolio while in England visiting family. While in Forbidden Planet in London I picked up Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows which are the third and fourth books in the Thrones of Glass series written by Sarah J. Maas. I am a massive fan of the series and was really disappointed to find my local book stores in NZ didn’t stock them when they were released (and the one that would have stocked it closed a year or so ago, cry) so I went off the series as shipping is expensive but was delighted to find them in Forbidden Planet. And was extremely happy to find the copy of Queen of Shadows was signed!

But what has this all got to do with a predominantly costume related blog (with a splash of my extremely interesting life)?

Fucking book cover art

The following content I have only shared with a few people simply because I find it so cringe worthy

I’m not going to lie, the cover art of Throne of Glass (the first novel in the series) is what drew me to read the back cover and then promptly pay for it rush home and read the whole novel in two days. In fact that’s the first image/character I had the intention to cosplay/make a costume of. I actually emailed Sarah about me cosplaying Celaena, please bear in mind I was about 14 at the time (I actually lied in the email saying I was 15 I don’t remember why) and completely new to the concept of cosplaying to the point where I felt the need to email the author of the book to see if it was okay to do so… cringe
And being the lovely lady Sarah is she said I could, I was happy for days. I essentially attempted a closet cosplay of Celaena which was terrible! And I have no photos of it because of that! I was too embarrassed to email her back with any photos and actually never got back to her on how it went.
The email conversation we had was good enough for me even though I failed with the costume!

But this brings us to Queen of Shadows. Fantastic cover at, my favorite piece from the series. And you know what I thought when I saw it?
I want to make that…
And so it seams we or I, have come in a full circle only three and a bit years later. Only now I am actually planing on making Costume making for stage and screen my future. I feel connected in a way to the series because it really was what brought costume making to mind as something I enjoyed doing starting properly with my Nightingale armour about 9 months later. I feel a need to make a costume from this series for both myself to say that yes, I have finally conquered you Celaena and for Sarah for being such a wonderful author. I would also like to keep my word to her!
So yes I am planing to make the front cover art from the novel Queen of Shadows.
full front
This image has been lightened so the detail is visible. Why do you make the covers so dark Sarah? I cant see the pretty details! I should have worbla left over from the Demongaze armour project so that will be used for this as well as lots of black faux leather. I’m not going to try dye faux leather again that was a terrible experience. If this project goes ahead it will likely happen late next year and I really do want it to happen! Lets hope the next book cover art isn’t cooler or I will have some serious issues of what to choose.

For those in doubt of me actually emailing Sarah here is a small snapshot
I’m not sure if she still uses that Email because I haven’t been on her site in ages so if you want to Email her yourself check first!


I’ll just be publishing this in to the ‘Nivera out and about category’ for now as this costume is reasonably late on next years list so I can’t really confirm it at this point.
And that’s how my interest in costumes began I guess, congratulations if you got through that cringe worthy story and even got a laugh out of it. I remember it randomly myself and always crack a smile from it.

A note to Sarah (not that she will read this)
I’m currently on page 77 of Heir of Fire and quiet attached to all of the characters except the King of Adarlan so if you are going to pull another Nehemia on your fans do it to him and make it brutal unless of course this happens in Queen of Shadows in which case thank you.

I give the previous two books 10/10 they were fantastic.

Thank you for reading and I hope these three days of posting has made up for the three weeks I disappeared for even if this post is a little different to what I normally post.


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