Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening Progress: Part 2

I could have made this post weeks ago but as I’m sure you can tell I got carried away with planing other costumes!

So here is my progress on Lucina.
Because my mock up was successful could transfer my patterns onto my blue fabric and start the tunic. But this meant ripping apart my mock up which took about an hour.

No seam allowances needed to be made to theses patterns as the mock up had seam allowance and was tight on me. I knew the fabric would stretch so I was happy with this decision.
I needed to sew darts into the sides of the tunic because without them it would honestly look a bib. I made the darts by pining the two pattern pieces  together, putting the tunic on and then folding the darts making them even on each side.

The darts can’t be seen all that well in this photo but you can see how much more shape the tunic has in comparison to the mock up I made.

I then needed to add bias tap to most of the raw edges on the blue fabric (NOTE I had not sewn the side seams together at this point)

I marked out where I wanted the bias tape to go with chalk making sure to layer it properly so that it would have the best appearance. I then sewed on the bias tape, starting with the corner details.

Lucina also has these cute little triangles that point out from the squares so I made those from bias tape to by folding it into a triangle and then sewing it on directly.
Both of these details use bias tape, NEVER use ribbon for these sorts of details it will fray so quickly and quickly look awful.
I then used bias tape around the edges of the front piece, first sewing another strip of bias tape at the top of the tunic about an inch and a half below the raw edge.
And here is the bias tape pinned onto the front of the tunic! And sewn on in the second picture.

I then sewed the bias tape onto the back piece.

Here is what the tunic looks like with the side seams pined together.

The bottom of the tunic is flared (it does not sit like that naturally but will be similar when on myself, less wrinkles) I did this so that you could see the design on the front a little more clearly. Also keep in mind that the back of the tunic will not droop the way it is in the last two photos.

I also bought two planks (I do not think that is the right word) of balsa wood. They are 1 meter by I think 3 inches wide… These are for the sword I’m making. I need to glue them together but they should be long enough for the blade up to the handle. Which I will make from something else which I’m hoping to screw into the main balsa wood blade.

I likely won’t finish this cosplay before I go to England on holiday because I’ve just finished my exams and really just want to take a break from making costumes. I will work on it if I’m interested!

Thank you for reading this update there will be more to come over the next few days


2 thoughts on “Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening Progress: Part 2

    • Hi! Thank you for reading! Unfortunately no I didn’t end up progressing much further with this cosplay than what I’ve documented in this blog, it just ended up conflicting with a bunch of things and got put on the back burner indefinitely.
      Sorry about that! But best of luck with your cosplay!


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