Indecisive cosplay/costume ideas

Time for an update of my Future costumes post Here because a lot has changed and I haven’t followed what I said I would do for some projects.

So here is what has changed
Cordelia (Fire Emblem Awakening character) probably won’t happen, this is because the costume wouldn’t be all that impressive and its a little bit basic. I could be spending time on making more historical garments (which are a ‘requirement’ for most costume portfolios) In all honesty she got replaced with Lucina who I decided would be more fun to make and comfortable to wear.

Trash For Fashion Show I likely won’t be entering this competition because I think next year I will be working very hard on actually putting together my portfolio. We’ll see though as I might change my mind!

Things that are now happening
I recently decided that I really want to work with worbla (thermoplastic) on one (likely more) of my costumes. So this left me with the challenge of finding something out there and elaborate looking to use worbla for.
My first idea was the Demon Huntress from the new(ish) game League of Angels
Demon Huntress LOA
Isn’t she pretty! Haven’t played the game but from what I’ve heard it’s a rip off combination of League of Legends and World of Warcraft both games I would never play. I had some really great ideas about making this costume but decided in the end it would be best to A. wear some more clothes and B. find a costume that had more armour to it because that would be a great element to have in my portfolio.

Then I came to the horrific conclusion. World of Warcraft armour has many great elements to it. Most of the armour is loud, elaborate, complex and very cool looking. I came to this conclusion after watching Jessica Nigri’s DeathWing costume creation video Video Here It’s a really informative video on the techniques she used and it also gave me the inspiration to look through all the god damn armour sets from WOW. Which you know is a great thing to do all 1000 sets, whoooh…

I’m still looking through the sets at the moment but I have found some that I really like. The armour sets will be named when you open the photos.
Battle Gear of the barbed assasin Battlegear of Might
Battleplate of Resounding Rings Demongaze Armor
Demongaze Armor 2Demongaze Armour 3

Okay I lied, I’m 90% sure right now that I want to make one of these sets.

My favorite set from the above is the bottom left. It’s the Demongaze Armor/lookalike, I don’t see a difference between the two seriously. The re-colour of the Armour as well as the other sets can be seen here and the stats AND A 3D MOVABLE IMAGE OF THE ARMOUR can be found here. Bless that last link, I had no idea what the back looked like at all.
back Side 1.4 side Demongaze front
It’s so pretty and looks bad ass! The skull shoulder Armour is much larger than I originally had thought but that just makes it more fun to make. My aim is to enter this in the Wellington Armageddon Expo Cosplay Competition for 2016, but Auckland can be my back up if it isn’t made in time.
Weapon of choice you ask?
Frostreaper (Blade of the Fallen Prince) There were so many names and I had to hunt to find the name for this particular sword so please correct me if I am wrong. It’s a very complex design but I don’t mind challenging myself with this cosplay. I chose this design based off the color palette because I think it will complement the Armour really well.
weapon 2

I have made a rough plan that it will be easiest to make a body suit for this cosplay (blue scale fabric maybe?) and then some blue fabric for the hood because I will be making the design with the hood.
I will buy the fabric for this costume in the London Fashion District when I visit there at the end of this year/new year 2016. Along with the fabrics for my historical garment (Young Girls Evening dress, mentioned in the earlier post) and the fabric for Sansa Stark’s ‘Dragon Fly’ dress (purple design is the one I wish to make).
I am going to be making an estimate of how much fabric I need later in the month.

And that is my new and updated costume plan for 2016. I will be updating on Lucina in the next few days. I can’t wait to order my worbla and start working with it for my costumes.

Thank you for reading


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