Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening Progress: Part 1

This long weekend I started my Lucina cosplay from Fire Emblem Awakening.
I decided for this cosplay I wanted to draft a pattern myself rather than adapting an existing pattern. So for the second time ever I had to draft a pattern, I did this over my dress form using one of the common drape and draw patterning techniques. I will go into detail about how I do this in a later post. The whole process took me roughly 3-4 hours, completed over the weekend.
The most useful reference image I could find was this,

As seen in the above image Lucina’s tunic has ‘splits’ in it where the different panels of fabric meet. I couldn’t be bothered making these in my mock-up so the tunic looks very much like a pencil skirt. The result of my mock-up is below.
p_JEnhW8 62z-WvQa eC-Szw8k
The fabric I used for this mock-up is called Top Pop Poplin and if I was to compare it to anything that would be a sheet. It frays easily, it’s not that strong and obviously has no stretch to it what so ever. But its cheep. So I love it. It does the job of making mock ups and I will probably continue to use it for mock ups.

Notes on the mock-up
The back straps are too long but that’s not an issue as I can change them later. When I wear the dress it’s quite ‘figure hugging’ I don’t mind this as I know the fabric I am using for the cosplay has stretch (2-way) so there should be plenty of room. Famous Last Words. I want to make the collar a little higher at the front because I think it sits to low in comparison to the back of the collar. The collar will have two layers of interfacing inside it so that it maintains its shape. Everything but the tunic itself will be doubled in fabric so that it has more shape and is sturdier. On the second image you can see where I have vaguely pinned a dart. This is so the front panel of the tunic has shape to it rather than looking like a bib or the front of an apron. Almost every edge of the tunic has a yellow bias trim.

School finishes for me on Wednesday so I will begin making the costume out of the blue fabric on Thursday. I really want to get this project finished so I can plan out other costumes so I am making it my goal to have this finished in a week. We’ll see how that goes.

Also for this project I am planing on making her sword (Falchion). Which means I want to try out a new technique for prop making. This time with balsa wood. I will be using a program called PosteRazor to print her sword out to scale on paper then transfer that to the balsa wood and from there it’s all just cutting,carving and sanding. I’m really interested in this technique as it’s not like anything I have attempted before. The template I will be using is below,

I will go into more detail about this technique as I try it out. Wish me luck!

That’s all to report for now. Thank you for reading yet another short update.

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