Auckland Armageddon Expo 2015

Armageddon was last weekend! And it was great!
This was the first con I’ve attended where I was apart of the cosplay competition (open category).

Day 1 (Saturday): Dark Brotherhood Armour

Saturday morning I got up at 5:45 am to get makeup on, do my hair and put this costume on so that I could make my flight at 7:10 am. Makeup was pretty simple just everyday makeup with medium dark eye shadow. I hardly wear makeup so I wanted to keep everything reasonably simple. So in my Dark Brotherhood Armour I flew to Auckland to attend the first day of Armageddon. I only had one wardrobe malfunction with this cosplay and that was when I got out of the car to go to the supermarket before the event, the body suit decided to split down the seam on the inside of both my thighs making a hole on either side of about one inch. But I had prepared for this to happen. I don’t know what it was but for the whole week before I just thought to bring a spare pair of dark leggings to be on the safe side and I’m so glad I did. I grabbed my leggings from the car and bolted to the nearest public bathroom and put the leggings on underneath the bodysuit. The leggings worked perfectly hiding the holes making them near impossible to see.
As usual the halls were packed with  no limit on door sales on the first day. Saturday is always my shopping day (making sure to have money left over to buy an AP replica). I bought a few things including an Eevee plushie a Madoka Magica key-chain figure and a box of Swedish Fish!! Which are my new favorite candy so feel free to send me a box or two if you’re feeling generous.

aahfyykc xdX9Sgrm

Day 2 (Sunday): Dragon Scale Armour, competition interview day

A later start for me on this day, giving myself an hour for makeup and costume before the 40-60 minute drive (depending on the traffic) into the city for the second day. I wore my red circle lenses and elf ears so they were loads on fun to put on in the morning. I couldn’t wear the lower thigh/hip armour in the car because it was impossible to sit on the car seats while wearing them. I ended up having to sit in the back of the car in the middle because my shoulder armour was so big that they would touch the windows if I sat at the side.  So after one eventful car trip later I arrived at the event and quickly fixed up my makeup in a bathroom before heading to my interview. I have never been so nervous in my life. It wasn’t too bad I was able to talk to another cosplayer before my interview and she gave me a quick run down of what they would ask me.
It was a weird experience being judged, the judges just sort of circle you and ask questions about what materials you used/techniques and time frame for some of the created items and pieces within your cosplay. After the interview you are invited to have a photo shoot with Badgerhales Photography. Which I gladly did.
Badgerhales 1 Badgerhales 2 Badgerhales 3 Badgerhales 4

I do realize I am in some of these photos an un-photogenic dork but having the photo shoot was really out of the blue for me! These photos will be in my finished costumes category in a later post.

Day 3 (Monday): Dragon Scale Armour, results day

The last day of the convention and the day of the well awaited results from the cosplay competition. I didn’t need to be at the con until 3:30 pm so I decided to sleep in, which was a great idea as my legs were so sore from standing and walking all day. When I when back to the con I quickly sprinted around the halls one last time and unfortunately lost a piece of my cosplay. It must have come off when someone walked past (with force). And then I met with the other cosplayers so we could go on stage. The full video of all the cosplayers is here Cosplay Comp 2015 I’m on at 16:45 looking far too serious for the occasion but there were so many people!
I ended up not getting any prizes but that won’t stop me from entering next year. The judges also described what they look for in costumes so I’m well prepared for next years competitions.

I really enjoyed being a part of the cosplay competition and can’t wait to start work on next years projects for it. I will be updating my list of up coming costumes soon and am really debating doing a time-lapse video for my Lucina cosplay.

Also my new header photo is the group of us cosplayers before going on stage.

Thank you for reading

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