Dark Elf Makeup attempt

A few days ago I got bored and decided to paint my face gray and put my contacts in. This was to see if I liked the look of the make up and whether I would wear it to Auckland Armageddon. I used Snazaroo Light Grey light grey face paint, Vassen Dolly Plus Red for contacts (second time I have bought these contacts), Moon elf ears (Originally Drow) and a grey to black eye shadow pallet.
This was my first proper test and I wasn’t taking it all that seriously but I’m kinda please with the results.

Above is the reference picture I vaguely used without the war paint on forehead.
And below are my results. Nivera the sassy/sad-looking Dunmer.

Having light brown hair it looks kinda wrong to me because the majority of Dunmer have Dark hair. I tried to improve this by darkening my eyebrows but that didn’t help all that much! I tried painting the elf ears I bought grey but the latex wouldn’t let the paint dry all they well but at least they didn’t look skin coloured. I outlined my eyes with dark eye shadow and darkened my lips too. I then just shadowed my face where I thought it would be necessary. And done!

I won’t be wearing this to Auckland Armageddon because it’s too much effort and I’m not sure I would be able to keep it on for the 5+ hours I will be at the event. I will wear the ears and contacts though because they are fantastic and I love wearing them.

And that’s all for this post. It was fun and interesting to try but I’m not sure I will attempt again any time soon.

Thank you for reading


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