Dragon Scale Armour Progress: Part 5

The last two days were my days off as I was very exhausted from my trip to Toi  Whakaari in Wellington. But today I was back to work and started the helmet and made the breastplate wearable!!
Starting with the helmet, this was my third attempt and I’m hopeful that it will be my last.
Materials I used to date

  • Chicken wire (I cut a meter but have only used about half)
  • Styrofoam head (wig head, dummy head… call it what you like!)
  •  Chalk (This was to mark the wire, I couldn’t find anything else)
  • Wire cutters (I don’t know if the pair I used were wire cutters but they worked well so hey!)
  • EVA Foam (This is what I’m using to go around the outside of the wire to smooth it out)
  • And of course reference pictures, not that I needed them because of how many times I have pondered that damn helmet.

I cut the wire out by patterning it over the head, this vaguely followed Evil Ted Smith’s helmet tutorial. I then bent the wires edges inward so that it would connect with another wire pattern piece. I made sure to stretch the side panels of the patterns so I had a bit more room. Once made I very, very carefully put it on my head to shape it to fit.
oY6GVW6r nwrjDNLd DJnvvu1R

The foam head is smaller than mine so that is why it looks oversized. The helmet its self looks oversized too. So there are a few things I have to add and made it larger/smaller in places as well as re shape some things but I think it’s looking promising.
And now for the Armour its self.

I wanted to make the breastplate wearable because I have been promising it for so long. To start off I had to make the buckles for the Armour so it would come together and do up. I made these from thin strips of EVA Foam which I then spray painted black (both sides). The strips then had one side which would be covered with light brown faux leather. This step wasn’t necessary but I just thought it would look nicer with leather. I then put a D-ring through the foam strip and hot glued down the opening. I did this 12 times as I had 3 D-rings on each side of the breastplate/backplate so there would be a full set of 6 on each opening of the plates.
Materials gGwK6asf

After making all the buckles I hot glued them onto the breastplate and backplate making sure everything lined up.
Back and front sides Front with buckles

I then added the Velcro so that the buckles could do up. I don’t have photos of this part but it can be seen in later photos. And with everything attached I wanted to try it on! It slips down a little which is unfortunate but that can be fixed. The original design shows two leather straps that come up from the breastplate and go up towards the gorget. Seen below.

I’m going to use faux lather for this and make it a halter neck so that it will hold up the breastplate. The gorget will cover this up. And now photos of me wearing it!
Front Side

I’m wearing my black bodysuit in these photos because the ‘battle dress’ is currently with my textiles teacher over the holidays being marked. I think the Armour looks nice on the black though.
After taking these photos I decided to put the other Armour on too. I used the same string technique I did with my dress form just being careful not to stab myself. And I am so happy with the results !!! I was worried it wouldn’t look as Game-Like as I wanted it too but it does!! The weathering looks great too if I may add.
RqVM8HDg m23Lbko- 54DR8d3N wQDXFTvI

The full set !! I am so, so pleased with the results. I just have to have the belt made for the main Armour set to be complete.

I’ll likely have another post up tomorrow on the progress I make then, I’m not going to like what I have to get done I’ll just see what happens tomorrow!

Thank you for reading

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