Dragon Scale Armour Progress: Part 4

I finally got back to work on this cosplay and I got things done which is a great bonus. I finally got around to spray painting the ‘battle dress’ for the cosplay. So let me show you the most hideous dress in cosplay history and then its beautiful transformation into pretty warrior dress.

4uyg_R6w l8eBBgyG

Honestly this fabric was awful when I first got it, I was so happy when I finally got to spray paint it green. I sprayed the dress outside by hanging it up and then spraying both sides. There are a few patched I have missed but it’s not going to be hard to cover them up.


This is the near final result.. I promise I will have photos again when I’m happy with the color and it’s not patchy. I was so happy the green disguised the really obvious scale pattern the dress had originally. The pattern was not natural at all and because I measured the grain line the front and back of the dress just looked awkward with the scale pattern was just horizontal and awful looking. The dress still needs to be shortened but I’m not going to do this until the armour is all wearable and I can see where it finishes, because the dress vaguely ends 1-2 inches after the armour ends.

I made this dress in my Fashion and Textiles Technology (TFT) class so I’m very happy to be getting credits for this cosplay.

We will just ignore how awfully I hung the armour on my dress form too. Holidays are starting next week so when I get back from Toi Whakaari in Wellington I will actually make a start on making the armour wearable. Who needs to study for upcoming exams anyway.

To make the dress more alike the one in the game I made a few adaptations to it. I made the neckline higher to accompany the high neck collar and made the sleeves longer by one inch (act as seam allowance) so that I could add cuffs to the sleeves and a thumb hole. Now the original design has gloves but I can’t stand wearing gloves for long periods of time so I just made the thumb holes instead. Below are close-ups of those adaptations.

rvmYidyL -_kVKtck

So glad the dress is no longer metallic… But you can really see in these photos the pattern and how damn obvious it is. The dress is close-fitting when worn and looks great. I will defiantly have photos of me wearing it in the next post, hopefully wearing at least some of the armour with it!!

I have started weathering the armour and I’m pretty please with the progress considering its my first time making cosplay armour. I did have a slight bad experience with it though. I left my armour to dry outside and because it the being of spring here there are loads of wasps around in our garden. So when I went to retrieve the armour pieces I was attacked by wasps, luckily not stung.

Below is the full armour set: Breastplate, back-plate, left/right hip, left right thigh, back piece, front piece and the gauntlets. Not the technical terms, I know!!!


I’m still debating what weapon I will make with this cosplay, its between a Daedric Sword and Auriel’s Bow. Daedric would be a hell of a lot more recognizable but the bow is so pretty… Whatever I end up making I will start making it these holidays. Both pictured below.

auriels daedric sword

More slow progress on this cosplay. I will be working on it a lot these holidays and am hopping to have the armour wearable by the end of the two weeks.

Thank you for reading


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