Sisters at Sea, WW1 Nurse Uniform

Sisters at Sea was a performance put on by the level 2 and 3 students at my college. The play is about 4 woman from New Zealand who wish to join the war efforts overseas as nurses during WW1. The story follows the woman as they work on hospital ships and in Egyptian hospitals. The play finishes with the women being aboard the hospital ship The Marquette when it gets torpedoed.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to make one of the nurse costumes for the play. Making the costume was apart of standard in my Fashion and Textiles Technology class (TFT for short !!). The whole process of working with the director and researching as well as making the costume its self was a great experience. I learnt a lot about how costume designers would work with directors and how the collaboration process took place.

As well as making a costume for the play I also got to star in the play! I played the character of Louisa who is one of the four main nurses. It was really awesome to make the costume and be able to see the costume on stage while acting. I was in the level 2 performance which wasn’t open to the public because of a lack of numbers which was disappointing but it worked out well for me. I was able to be there for all the performances which meant I was given a great opportunity of being in charge of the costumes before the rehearsals and the level 3 performance which was a lot of fun.

Below is a photo of a student in the WW1 nurse uniform I made.

Sister 1

The following photos are taken of the students during the public performance and the rehearsals.

LIghts down on set Nurse cast line up

Working on this play was a great insight to what it would be like to be head of costume for a play as well as what its like to work with directors. I have since talked to the director of Sisters at Sea (also the drama teacher at college) and asked if I could be head of costumes for the colleges combined (with the boys’ college) musical next year which will be ‘Hair Spray’. She said yes and I am very excited for that.

Now that I have quite a few posts on my page as well as a few costumes I’m starting to feel a lot less stressed about getting a good portfolio together for when I apply for schools end of next year. Seeing everything laid out here on my blog makes everything look in sight and more doable so I am more than determined to post more frequently.

Thank you all for reading as well as the support I appreciate it so much.



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