Dark Brotherhood Armour Progress: Part 3

This weekend I was determined to finish the body suit for my Dark Brotherhood cosplay. And I did!

After making the torso part of the body suit I only had to pattern the legs and sew them on. Which didn’t take that long.

Above is a picture of the leg with the red knee detail sewn on and the hip/thigh red detail pinned on. This was all really simple to pattern. I decided to ignore my original plan of having the whole leg red below the knee because I released that the spandex would be limited at how much it could stretch with the lines of stitching on the red detail. Without the stretch of the fabric it was unlikely to fit my legs and sit nicely. Because of this I put on the boots I would be wearing with the body suit and marked a point on the red 2 inches below the top of the boot. I then cut of all the red below this mark, hemmed it and sewed it onto the spandex.

And then there was the hell of sewing the legs onto the main bodysuit. The sleeves were probably worse but it still took me about an hour and a half of sewing and un-picking to have them both on. Please let my next projects not be as tedious~

w7SEK76Q back body suit

Front and back of the body suit. Yes the back picture is awful but it does enough justice to show off the red. There are still a few more things that need to be made for this cosplay but I’m more concerned about my Dragon Scale Armour at this point so that will be my priority.

  • The hood, which is black and quite close-fitting
  • Face mask, which is red and also close-fitting. It needs to reach the collar of the body suit so there is no skin showing.
  • Boot covers, should be easy to do…?
  • Gauntlets, I’ll just use craft foam as a base and then cover that with the red material.

And I also have to add the buttons to the body suit. There are so many and I haven’t even started counting how many I will need.

And that is the bodysuit for my cosplay done minus a few things. I’m really pleased with how it has turned out even if it is a little hard to bend over and crouch in. But that’s fine!

Thank you for reading and I will be posting pattern pictures in an up coming post.



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