Dark Brotherhood Armour Progress: Part 2

I was really hoping to get this cosplay finished this weekend but ran out of time unfortunately. However, I did get a lot done anyway. I finished sewing the front of the bodysuit together and started patterning the red back details.


Which looked like this. I used the same technique I used when making the patterns for my Dragon Scale Armour. First I pinned the back patterns onto my dressform then covered the parts I wanted to make a pattern of in glad-wrap and covered that with painters tape. And of course I drew the design onto the tape. Once the design was drawn I cut it out. NOT while it’s still on the dressform, I did this and cut the black back piece pattern. Which meant having to whip stitch it back together, luckily the cut in the fabric wasn’t that big. After cutting all the patterns out I pinned them onto the red fabric and cut them out including a 1cm seam allowance.

After I have completed this costume I will make a post that includes shapes of all the patterns I made for this cosplay. I will do the same for my Dragon Scale Armour cosplay.

Sewing the patterns on was a slow process as most edges had to be hemmed and had to be sewn on in order so that everything layered correctly. Below is the first set of red I sewed on which is the back shoulders.


I had three separate patterns for the back and like I said before most edges had to be hemmed this took about 3 hours to do, including sewing the patterns onto the back panels. The back looked like this with most patterns either sewn or pinned.


I was happy with the look so I continued and sewed everything on. The next step was to sew up the side seams but before doing this I made four patterns which sit on the hip in another arrow shape. I made the top half of these patterns and then sewed them on. The lower half will sit on the pants seam (if that makes any sense) I don’t have any photos of this process but will mention it later.

After making those patterns and sewing them on I sewed up the side seam so the sleeves could be attached. Again I had to make another arrow shape to sit on the shoulder seam. I patterned this on the dress form and then cut two out of the red fabric.

shoulder poces

Once made, I sewed it onto the sleeve and then sewed the sleeve onto the body suit. This took so many attempts as there was a lot of fabric layers in some places so it was hard to tell if it had bunched or caught. This happened on both sleeves, apparently I never learn!

After the sleeves were sewn on I realized I had run out of time and it wasn’t worth starting on the legs for the body suit. Because it was late the lighting inside was poor so I took my dressform outside to get some photos.

9oF6JTHu xqIxNoi_

I’m really happy with the progress so far, I should easily have it finished the next weekend. Also so that I actually get things done and so both cosplays will be finished by the end of October I have decided that I will work on my prop weapons in the week and leave costume making until the weekend. I’m still really confident that I can get everything made before then. But no doubt I will still find myself furiously making things the night before the convention.

I hope to have this finished next weekend along with some possible prop progress because that is another thing I haven’t started yet. Everything is going well so far and I should finish in time, just.

Thank you for reading.


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