Future Costumes

I decided I would make a post similar to the posts you find about cosplayers and their upcoming cosplays. My only difference here is that I will be making a historical costume as well.

So in no particular order, the costumes I am planing on making at some point before I move to England. These will be to build up my portfolio and practice the skills of sewing ect~

Young Girls Evening Dress, I found this design in a collection of historical costume books I bought recently. The book being “Patterns for Fashion 3” by Janet Arnold which shows many dresses and gowns from 1560-1620. I love the simple design and they way it drapes along with the beautiful sleeves. 

pretty dfresee imgres

Cordelia (character from the game Fire Emblem Awakening), I love this game so much and really want to make a costume from it. I really like the medieval fantasy style along with bright colors style the game has. Another character I considered was one of the main protagonists Lucina but I decided Cordelia would be more fun.

Tiamo_Portrait Cordelia_(FE13_Artwork)

Original Design, This one is kinda vague because I haven’t a set plan for it just yet. This is because its unlikely I will start on it this year. So really at the moment I only have a few sketches in my book and inspiring pictures I found on the Internet. I’m excited to start this but it won’t be for a long time yet.

Other Costumes I will be making for competitions,

In 2016 I plan to enter 2 competitions (at least I have found two I can enter so far) that involve costume design/construction. The first one is the ‘SGCNZ/Bernina Shakespeare Costume Design Competition’ the winning design from this competition will be displayed at Shakespeare’s Globe, London. The design has to be for a character from one of Shakespeare’s plays and can take on any style or time period meaning it doesn’t need to be Elizabethan in appearance. This is a definite competition I will be entering because I will suit my portfolio wonderfully.

The second competition I am thinking of entering something for is ‘The Trash Fashion Show’ which promotes recycling in the community. This competition is held locally to me which is a plus. There are a few categories to enter in one is specifically for ‘teenagers’ (please read as sarcastically as possible) this categories theme is “Rock & Pop” Ooh what a fascinating theme that has been so obviously directed to an age group that it is not funny. I will probably enter one of that categories directed to adults. A, because I have never really had a passion for music and it is not a big part of my life and B, I don’t think I could produce anything to fit it properly.

I think that sums up all that’s in my head at the moment but I’m sure things will change, my plans always do. I will probably realize I have forgotten something tomorrow but that can be added in later.

Thank you for reading


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