Dark Brotherhood Armour Progress: Part 1

This weekend I started on my Dark Brotherhood Armour from the Elder Scrolls Skyrim, because constantly working on my Dragon Scale cosplay was becoming too tedious and repetitive so I took a break.

Skyrim dark brotherhood 2 uQEjILm2

Poor references photos are the anthem to my cosplay making schedule. I do have ones that are a much better quality but these worked best for what I was working on at the time.

To simplify the design I decided to make it into a bodysuit. Using this bodysuit pattern by the lovely Yaya Han. I also printed off the outline of the pattern that showed front and back of the design and then drew on my own design over top as well as noting which pattern piece went where. I drew the Armour from the game as best I could and this was the result.


After much debating on how I was going to attach the red bits (Yes I don’t know what else to call them okay) to the main black bodysuit, so I decided to attach the red where ever it would connect with a seam and then hem it and sew it on directly everywhere else. This meant I added a 1cm seam allowance to all the patterns I made in red. I followed the pattern but made sure before I sewed seams together that the red bits were in the right place so they could be attached at the seam. In other words I gave up after a while because I thought everything was ridiculously complicated. I came back from my rage fueled lunch break and continued with my work to find what I was doing would work. After a few hours it looked like this.

KqGdc5mR ocnC9Yr9

The lighting is awful in these photos and doesn’t do the red justice. Some parts of the costume are sewn together at this point, the pins are what’s making it look strange in places. I’m really happy with it so far and do think it will take that long to complete based on how much I have gotten done in just two days. I’m hoping to have the Blade of Woe (weapon from the game that’s often paired with this armour set) made to go with it which means I have decided for the best not to go all out and make two Daedric swords and just the one… if I can get it made in time. More updates on my props later.

That’s all for this costume for now more updates this weekend. I’ve gotten it into my head that I want this completed before I start on my Dragon Scale cosplay again so we’ll see how that goes.

Thank you for reading



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