2014 Nightingale Armour cosplay (The Elder Scrolls Skyrim)

I have had a lot of views on this page and felt bad for everyone checking it for completed costumes so I decided to post some pictures of my Nightingale cosplay from last year.

Nightingale Nighingale2

I was so happy with this cosplay and loved wearing it at Armageddon Expo 2014.

This was made from faux leather which was used for everything except the cape with was some sort of cotton blend. The faux leather was originally brown because Spotlight don’t stock black faux lather (Why?)  so it was dyed black with shoe polish. Which worked brilliantly I might add.

Because this costume won’t be apart of my portfolio I will not be posting about it any further. If anyone has any questions about this costume I’m more than happy to answer through comments or via email (niveraswings@gmail.com)

Thank you for reading


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